24th Annual Whitaker St. Louis International Film Festival - Nov. 5-15, 2015

Cinema St. Louis is proud to announce the schedule for the 24th Annual Whitaker St. Louis International Film Festival (SLIFF).

The festival kicks off on Nov. 5 with our opening-night selection, Deep Web, with director Alex Winter, who’s honored with our Charles Guggenheim Cinema St. Louis Award. Highlights of the fest include such high-profile films as The 33, Anomalisa, The Assassin, Brooklyn, Carol, I Saw the Light, Krisha, The Lady in the Van, Legend, Love the Coopers, Remember, Son of Saul, Touched with Fire, and Youth.

Last-minute additions to the schedule may still occur, and we will add information as it becomes available.

SLIFF will feature more than 125 filmmaking guests, including our honorees: actor/director Alex Winter, winner of the Charles Guggenheim Cinema St. Louis Award; director Trent Harris, winner of the Contemporary Cinema Award; and director Rosemary Rodriguez, winner of the Women in Film Award.

Full information on SLIFF films, including synopses, dates/time, and links for purchase of advance tickets, will be available on the website by Oct. 15. Check the site regularly for updates.

Film List: Narrative Features - Documentary Features - Shorts Programs - Shorts with Features - Special Events

Download a list of the schedule here. The full website will be up next week.


Individual tickets are $12 each or $10 for Cinema St. Louis members and students with current and valid ID, except for the following special events, which are $15 (no discounts or passes):

  • Deep Web (film and reception on Nov. 5 at the Tivoli)
  • Hitchcock/Truffaut and Notorious (double bill on Nov. 10 at Webster U.)
  • How to Smell a Rose and In Transit (double bill on Nov. 11 at Webster U.)
  • The Unknown and Freaks (double bill on Nov. 13 at Webster U.)


In addition to paid shows, SLIFF offers more than 50 free programs.

Six-film and 10-film punch-passes, which offer discounts over the regular ticket price, will also be available for purchase.



Hi-Pointe Backlot/Hi-Pointe Theatre - 1005 McCausland Ave.

Missouri History Museum - Lee Auditorium at Missouri History Museum, Forest Park, 5700 Lindell Blvd.

Plaza Frontenac Cinema - Plaza Frontenac, Lindbergh Boulevard and Clayton Road

Stage at KDHX - 3524 Washington Blvd.

St. Louis University's Center for Global Citizenship (SLU) - Center for Global Citizenship, 3672 West Pine Mall

Tivoli Theatre - 6350 Delmar Blvd.

Washington University's Brown Hall Auditorium (Wash. U/Brown) - Auditorium at Washington University's Brown Hall, Forsyth Boulevard and Chaplin Drive (two blocks west of Skinker Boulevard)

Webster University's Winifred Moore Auditorium (Webster U.) - Winifred Moore Auditorium in Webster University's Webster Hall, 470 East Lockwood Ave.



Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis (CAM) - 3750 Washington Blvd.

Urban Chestnut Grove Brewery & Bierhall - 4465 Manchester Ave.

Washington University's Steinberg Hall Auditorium (Wash. U./Steinberg) - Steinberg Auditorium at Washington University's Mark C. Steinberg Hall, Skinker and Forsyth boulevards

Webster University's Sverdrup Hall's Room 123 (Webster U./Sverdrup) - Room 123 at Webster University's Sverdrup Hall, 8300 Big Bend Blvd.



The 33 (Patricia Riggen, U.S./Chile), Tivoli

Age of Panic (Justine Triet, France), Hi-Pointe Backlot (two screenings)

Akron (Sasha King & Brian O'Donnell, U.S.), Hi-Pointe Backlot (two screenings)

All-Stars (Lance Kinsey, U.S.), with director Kinsey, Tivoli

Anomalisa (Duke Johnson & Charlie Kaufman, U.S.), Tivoli

Aram, Aram (Christopher Chambers, U.S.), with director Chambers, Tivoli

The Assassin (Hsiao-hsien Hou, China), Tivoli

At the End of the Street (Sebastian Marka, Germany), Plaza Frontenac (two screenings)

Aztec Revenge (Aaron Crozier, U.S.), with screenwriter Jeffrey Uhlmann, Webster U.

Backgammon (Francisco Orvañanos, U.S.), Hi-Pointe Backlot (two screenings)

Band of Robbers (Aaron Nee & Adam Nee, U.S.), with co-directors Aaron and Adam Nee, Tivoli

Before the Border (Tom Fox Davies, U.S.), Hi-Pointe Backlot (two screenings)

Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure (Stephen Herek, U.S.), with actor Alex Winter, Tivoli

Boy Upside Down (Juha Lehtola, Finland), Plaza Frontenac (two screenings)

Breathe (Mélanie Laurent, France), Plaza Frontenac (two screenings)

Brooklyn (John Crowley, Ireland/U.S./Canada), Tivoli

Carol (Todd Haynes, U.S.), Tivoli

Cemetery of Splendor (Apichatpong Weerasethakul, Thailand), Plaza Frontenac (two screenings)

Cook & Banks (Jørgen Pedersen, U.S.), with director Pederson and cast/crew members, Tivoli

Court (Chaitanya Tamhane, India), Plaza Frontenac (two screenings)

Cronies (Michael Larnell, U.S.), with director Larnell and cast members, Wash. U./Brown, Free

The Dinner (Ivano De Matteo, Italy), Plaza Frontenac (two screenings)

Driving While Black (Paul Sapiano, U.S.), with screenwriter/actor Dominique Purdy and executive producer Patrick Dicesare, Tivoli

Dry (Stephanie Linus, Nigeria), Plaza Frontenac (two screenings)

Eadweard (Kyle Rideout, Canada), Plaza Frontenac (two screenings)

Echo Lake (Jody McVeigh-Schultz, U.S.), with actor Sam Zvibleman, Plaza Frontenac

Eisenstein in Guanajuato (Peter Greenaway, Netherlands/Mexico), Plaza Frontenac (two screenings)

Embrace of the Serpent (Ciro Guerra, Colombia/Venezuela/Argentina), Plaza Frontenac (two screenings)

Evan's Crime (Sandy Tung, U.S.), with director Tung, Tivoli

Fiddlesticks (Veit Helmer, Germany), Wash. U./Brown, Free

Fidelio: Alice's Odyssey (Lucie Borleteau, France), Plaza Frontenac (two screenings)

The Fool (Yuriy Bykov, Russia), Plaza Frontenac (two screenings)

Four Way Stop (Efi da Silva, U.S.), with director da Silva and cast/crew members, Tivoli and Webster U.

Freaks (Tod Browning, U.S.), on double bill with The Unknown, Webster U.

Good Ol' Boy (Frank Lotito, U.S.), Wash. U./Brown, Free

Goodbye to Language in 3D (Jean-Luc Godard, France), Hi-Pointe

Hank Boyd Is Dead (Sean Melia, U.S.), with actor/co-producer Michael Hogan, Tivoli

Heaven's Floor (Lori Stoll, U.S.), with director Stoll, Tivoli

Henri Henri (Martin Talbot, Canada), Plaza Frontenac (two screenings)

Husband Factor (Kivanc Baruonu, Turkey), Hi-Pointe Backlot (two screenings)

I Can Quit Whenever I Want (Sydney Sibilia, Italy), Tivoli (two screenings)

I Saw the Light (Marc Abraham, U.S.), Plaza Frontenac

The Invitation (Karyn Kusama, U.S.), Tivoli

It Had to Be You (Sasha Gordon, U.S.), with director Gordon, Tivoli

Jasmine (Dax Phelan, Hong Kong/U.S.), with director Phelan, Tivoli

Jeremy (Anwar Safa, Mexico), Wash. U./Brown, Free

Kagurame (Yasuo Okuaki, Japan), Plaza Frontenac (two screenings)

The Keeping Room (Daniel Barber, U.S.), Plaza Frontenac (two screenings)

Keeping Rosy (Steve Reeves, U.K.), Hi-Pointe Backlot (two screenings)

Kidnap Capital (Felipe Rodriguez, Canada), Plaza Frontenac (two screenings)

The Kindergarten Teacher (Nadav Lapid, Israel), Plaza Frontenac (two screenings)

The King and the Mockingbird (Paul Grimault, France), Plaza Frontenac

Krisha (Trey Edward Shults, U.S.), Plaza Frontenac

The Lady in the Van (Nicholas Hytner, U.K.), Plaza Frontenac

The Last Mentsch (Pierre-Henry Salfati, Germany/Switzerland/France), Plaza Frontenac (two screenings)

Legend (Brian Helgeland, U.K./France), Tivoli

Little England (Pantelis Voulgaris, Greece), Plaza Frontenac (two screenings)

Longwave (Lionel Baier, Switzerland/France/Portugal), Plaza Frontenac (two screenings)

Love Land (Joshua Tate, U.S.), with director Tate, Tivoli

Love the Coopers (Jessie Nelson, U.S.), Plaza Frontenac

Margarita, With a Straw (Shonali Bose, India), Plaza Frontenac (two screenings)

Marshland (Alberto Rodríguez, Spain), Plaza Frontenac (two screenings)

The Missing Girl (A.D. Calvo, U.S.), with cartoonist Sacha Mardou, Tivoli

Montedoro (Antonello Faretta, Italy), Plaza Frontenac (two screenings)

Moomins on the Riviera (Xavier Picard, Finland), Wash. U./Brown, Free

My Friend Victoria (Jean-Paul Civeyrac, France), Plaza Frontenac (two screenings)

The Nameless (David Trotti, U.S.), with director Trotti, producer Jeff Lewis, and cast/crew members, Tivoli

Notorious (Alfred Hitchcock, U.S.), on double bill with Hitchcock/Truffaut, Webster U.

Once in a Lifetime (Marie-Castille Mention-Schaar, France), Plaza Frontenac (two screenings)

Panama Canal Stories (Abner Benaim, Carolina Borrero, Luis Franco Brantley, Pinky Mon & Pituka Ortega Heilbron, Panama), Plaza Frontenac (two screenings)

Plan 10 from Outer Space (Trent Harris, U.S.), with director Harris and actress Stefene Russell, Webster U.

Possessed (Samuel Ortí Martí, Spain), Hi-Pointe Backlot (two screenings)

Red Mountain (Xin Mei, China), Plaza Frontenac (two screenings)

Remember (Atom Egoyan, Canada), Plaza Frontenac

A Rising Tide (Ben Hickernell, U.S.), Hi-Pointe Backlot (two screenings)

Satellite Girl and Milk Cow (Hyeong-yoon Jang, South Korea), Wash. U./Brown, Free

Sea Fog (Sung-bo Shim, South Korea), Plaza Frontenac (two screenings)

The Search (Michel Hazanavicius, France/Georgia), Tivoli (two screenings)

Silver Skies (Rosemary Rodriguez, U.S.), with director Rodriguez, Tivoli

Sleep with Me (Brian Jun, U.S.), with director Jun, Plaza Frontenac

Son of Saul (László Nemes, Hungary), Webster U.

The Summer of Sangaile (Alanté Kavaïté, Lithuania/France/Netherlands), Plaza Frontenac (two screenings)

Sworn Virgin (Laura Bispuri, Italy/Switzerland/Germany/Albania), Plaza Frontenac (two screenings)

Theeb (Naji Abu Nowar, United Arab Emirates/Qatar/Jordan), Plaza Frontenac (two screenings)

They Had It Coming (Jon Jost, U.S.), with co-writer/actor Blake Eckard, Tivoli

Three Windows and a Hanging (Isa Qosja, Kosovo), Plaza Frontenac (two screenings)

To Life! (Uwe Janson, Germany), Plaza Frontenac (two screenings)

Touched with Fire (Paul Dalio, U.S.), with director Dalio and co-producer/cinematographer Kristina Nikolova, Tivoli

Under Construction (Rubaiyat Hossain, Bangladesh), Plaza Frontenac (two screenings)

The Unknown (Tod Browning, U.S.), on double bill with Freaks, Webster U.

Unlikely Heroes (Peter Luisi, Switzerland), Plaza Frontenac (two screenings)

Well Wishes (Anderson Boyd, U.S.), with director Boyd, Hi-Pointe Backlot (two screenings)

West of Redemption (Cornelia Moore, U.S.), with director Moore and producer Larry Estes, Plaza Frontenac (two screenings)

Who Am I: No System Is Safe (Baran bo Odar, Germany), Tivoli (two)

The Wonders (Alice Rohrwacher, Italy/Switzerland/Germany), Plaza Frontenac (two screenings)

Yoko the Cherry Blossom (Gen Takahashi, Japan), Plaza Frontenac (two screenings)

Youth (Paolo Sorrentino, Italy/France/Switzerland/U.K.), Plaza Frontenac



3 ½ Minutes, Ten Bullets (Marc Silver, U.S.), with subjects Ron Davis and Lucy McBath, Wash. U./Brown, Free

24/7/365: The Evolution of Emergency Medicine (Dave Thomas, U.S.), SLU, Free

An Act of Love (Scott Sheppard, U.S.), with director Sheppard, Wash. U./Brown, Free

America's Blues (Patrick “JT” Branson, U.S.), , with director Branson, Stage at KDHX

Among the Believers (Hemal Trivedi & Mohammed Naqvi, Pakistan/U.S.), with co-director Trivedi, Wash. U./Brown, Free

The Anthropologist (Seth Kramer, Daniel A. Miller & Jeremy Newberger, U.S./Kiribati/Peru/Russia), with co-director Kramer, Missouri History Museum, Free

Archie's Betty (Gerald Peary, U.S.), with director Peary, Plaza Frontenac

The Armor of Light (Abigail Disney, U.S.), Tivoli

Beaver Trilogy (Trent Harris, U.S.), with director Harris, on double bill with Beaver Trilogy Part IV, Webster U.

Beaver Trilogy Part IV (Brad Besser, U.S.), with director Besser and subject Trent Harris, on double bill with Beaver Trilogy, Webster U.

Becoming Bulletproof (Theodore James, U.S.), Tivoli, Free

Black Girl in Suburbia (Melissa Lowery, U.S.), with director Lowery, SLU, Free

Bounce: How the Ball Taught the World to Play (Jerome Thelia, U.S.), with producer Anne Carkeet, Tivoli

Can You Dig This (Delila Vallot, U.S.), with director Delila Vallot, SLU and Wash. U./Brown, Free

The Champions (Darcy Dennett, U.S.), with director Dennett and subjects Mark & Jamie Beuhrle, Rebecca Huss, and Ledy VanKavage, Tivoli, Free

City of Trees (Brandon Kramer, U.S.), with director Kramer, producer Lance Kramer, and environmental activist Van Jones, Wash. U./Brown, Free

Coming and Going (Tianlin Xu, China/Germany), SLU, Free

Country: Portraits of an American Sound (Steven Kochones, U.S.), Stage at KDHX

Daisy and Max (Jennifer Maytorena Taylor, U.S.), SLU, Free

Dateline -- Saigon (Thomas D. Herman, U.S./Vietnam), with executive producer Richard Chapman, Wash. U./Brown, Free

Deep Web (Alex Winter, U.S.), with director Winter, Tivoli

Downloaded (Alex Winter, U.S.), with director Winter, Tivoli

Finding Bosnia (Adrian Hopffgarten & Ivana Horvat, U.S./Bosnia), with co-directors Hopffgarten and Horvat, Missouri History Museum and SLU, Free

The First Secret City (Alison Carrick & C.D. Stelzer, U.S.), with co-directors Carrick and Stelzer, Tivoli

Flory's Flame (Curt Fissel, U.S.), Stage at KDHX

Frame by Frame (Alexandria Bombach & Mo Scarpelli, Afghanistan/U.S.), with Skype Q&A with co-director Scarpelli, Wash. U./Brown, Free

Frantz Fanon: Black Skin, White Mask (Isaac Julien, U.K.), Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis, Free

From This Day Forward (Sharon Shattuck, U.S.), Tivoli

Get in the Way: The Journey of John Lewis (Kathleen Dowdey, U.S.), with director Dowdey, Missouri History Museum and Wash. U./Brown, Free

Goodbye Theresienstadt (Carl Otto Dethlefsen & Jonatan Jerichow, Czech Republic/Denmark), Plaza Frontenac

Heart of Glass (Jérôme de Gerlache, U.S./France/U.K./Germany/Netherlands), Wash. U./Steinberg, Free

Help Us Find Sunil Tripathi (Neal Broffman, U.S.), with director Broffman, Plaza Frontenac

Here Come the Videofreex (Jon Nealon & Jenny Raskin, U.S.), Hi-Pointe Backlot

Hitchcock/Truffaut (Kent Jones, U.S.), on double bill with Notorious, Webster U.

Hockney (Randall Wright, U.K.), Plaza Frontenac

The Holders (Carla Forte, U.S.), with director Forte, Tivoli, Free

How Sweet the Sound: The Blind Boys of Alabama (Leslie McCleave, U.S.), with director McCleave, Stage at KDHX

How to Smell a Rose (Les Blank & Gina Leibrecht, U.S.), on double bill with In Transit, Webster U.

In My Father's House (Ricki Stern & Annie Sundberg, U.S.), with subject Che Smith (aka Rhymefest), Tivoli

In the Game (Maria Finitzo, U.S.), with producer Mary Morrissette, SLU, Free

In Transit (Albert Maysles,, Lynn True, David Usui, Nelson Walker & Ben Wu, U.S.), on double bill with How to Smell a Rose, with co-director Walker, Webster U.

Indian Point (Ivy Meeropol, U.S.), Webster U.

The Jones Family Will Make a Way (Alan Berg, U.S.), Stage at KDHX

Killing Them Safely (Nick Berardini, U.S.), with director Berardini and editor Robert Greene, Webster U.

Korla (John Turner, U.S.), with Korla cousin David deClue, Stage at KDHX

Landfill Harmonic (Brad Allgood & Graham Townsley, U.S./Paraguay/Norway/Brazil), Stage at KDHX

Life According to Ohad (Eri Daniel Erlich, Israel), Hi-Pointe Backlot

Love Between the Covers (Laurie Kahn, U.S.), with post-film panel of local romance writers, Tivoli

Magician: The Astonishing Life and Work of Orson Welles (Chuck Workman, U.S.), Hi-Pointe Backlot

Minimalism: A Documentary About the Important Things (Matt D'Avella, U.S.), with producers Dave LaTulippe, Jeff Sarris, and Marla Sarris, Wash. U./Steinberg, Free

Miriam Beerman: Expressing the Chaos (Jonathan Gruber, U.S.), Webster U.

My Life in China (Kenneth Eng, U.S./China), with director Eng and producer/writer Ehren Parks, SLU, Free

My Voice, My Life (Ruby Yang, Hong Kong), SLU, Free

Of Men and War (Laurent Bécue-Renard, France/Switzerland/U.S.), Tivoli, Free

Once My Mother (Sophia Turkiewicz, Australia), Missouri History Museum, Free

Orion: The Man Who Would Be King (Jeanie Finlay, U.K./U.S.), Webster U.

Ota Benga (Niyi Coker Jr., U.S./Cameroon/Congo/France/Switzerland/U.K.), with director Coker, Missouri History Museum, Free

Out to Win (Malcolm Ingram, U.S.), Tivoli

Outermost Radio (Alan Chebot, U.S.), with director Chebot, Stage at KDHX, Free

Peace Officer (Brad Barber & Scott Christopherson, U.S.), Tivoli

The Poet of Havana (Ron Chapman, Canada/Cuba), Stage at KDHX

Radical Grace (Rebecca Parrish, U.S.), with producer Nicole Bernardi-Reis, Webster U.

Revival: The Sam Bush Story (Wayne Franklin & Kris E. Wheeler, U.S.), with co-directors Franklin and Wheeler and subject Bush, Stage at KDHX

Right Footed (Nick Spark, U.S.), Tivoli, Free

Rise: The Promise of My Brother's Keeper (Dawn Porter, U.S.), SLU, Free

River of Art (Charlene Shih, Taiwan), with director Shih, Wash. U./Steinberg, Free

Romeo Is Bleeding (Jason Zeldes, U.S.), with subject Donté Clark and producer Michael Klein, Tivoli

The Safe Side of the Fence (Tony West, U.S.), with director West, SLU, Free

The Sandwich Nazi (Louis Bennett, Canada), Hi-Pointe Backlot (two screenings)

She's the Best Thing in It (Rob Nyswaner, U.S.), Plaza Frontenac

Something You Can Call Home (Rebecca Kenyon, U.S.), SLU, Free

South Bureau Homicide (Mark Earl Burman & Mike Cooley, U.S.), Hi-Pointe Backlot

A Spark of Nerve (Linda Schaller, U.S.), with director Schaller and subjects, Tivoli, Free

Takin' Place (Cyrus Dowlatshahi, U.S.), SLU, Free

(T)error (Lyric R. Cabral & David Felix Sutcliffe, U.S.), Tivoli

Thank You for Playing (Malika Zouhali-Worrall, U.S.), Plaza Frontenac

Thao's Library (Elizabeth Van Meter, U.S./Vietnam), with director Van Meter, Webster U.

Theory of Obscurity (Don Hardy, U.S.), Stage at KDHX

Those Who Feel the Fire Burning (Morgan Knibbe, Netherlands), Tivoli, Free

T-Rex (Zackary Canepari & Drea Cooper, U.S.), Tivoli

Troublemakers: The Story of Land Art (James Crump, U.S.), Plaza Frontenac

True Smile (Juan Rayos, Spain), Tivoli, Free

Welcome to Leith (Michael Beach Nichols & Christopher K. Walker, U.S.), Tivoli

Welcome to Unity (Katharine Mahalic, U.S.), with director Mahalic, SLU, Free

What Our Fathers Did: A Nazi Legacy (David Evans, U.K.), Plaza Frontenac

When Voices Meet: One Divided Country, One United Choir, One Courageous Journey (Abby Ginzer & Nancy Sutton Smith, South Africa/ U.S.), with cinematographer Marilyn Cohen, composer/subject Sharon Katz, and subject Nonhlanhla Wanda, Stage at KDHX



Doc Shorts: Animation, Tivoli, Free

Alienation (Laura Lehmus, Germany)

A Good Man (Mike Rauch, U.S.)

Johnny Physical Lives (Joshua Neuman, U.S.)

Last Day of Freedom (Dee Hibbert-Jones & Nomi Talisman, U.S.)

Little Hero (Marcus McDougald, U.S.)

Needle Town (Kaspar Synnevåg & Henrik Hylland Uhlving, Norway/U.K.)

Rebel (Elle-Máijá Tailfeathers, Canada)

Vigia (Marcel Barelli, Switzerland)

Doc Shorts: Craft, Tivoli, Free

Chekhov's “Everyman” (Amir Cohn, Israel)

Life After Pi (Scott Leberecht, U.S.)

Moto Borgatoro (Roberto Serrini, U.S.)

My Mom's Motorcycle (Douglas Gautraud, U.S.)

A Passion of Gold and Fire (Sebastien Pins, Belgium)

Writer (Anneliese Sogn, U.S.)

Doc Shorts: Human Rights 1, Wash. U./Brown, Free

A Nation Without a Homeland (Warith Kwaish, Iraq)

Nefertiti's Daughters (Mark Nickolas, U.S./Egypt)

The Sound Man (Chip Duncan, U.S.)

Doc Shorts: Human Rights 2, SLU, Free

Chau, Beyond the Lines (Courtney Marsh, Vietnam/U.S.)

Monica and Gabriel (Michael Magidson, U.S.)

One Million Steps (Eva Stotz, Germany/Turkey)

Doc Shorts: Life Observed, Tivoli, Free

Bamako Chicken (Habib Yazdi, Mali/U.S.)

The Dictator's Hotel (Florian Hoffmann, Central African Republic/Germany)

Dreams in Naha (Juan Carlos Colin, Mexico)

Spring (Michael Podogil, Austria/Germany)

Winter Farm Day (Michael Zimmer, U.S.)

YúYú (Marc Johnson, Spain)

Doc Shorts: Migration, Tivoli, Free

A Fisherman's Song (Brendan Donnelly, Ireland)

NAPPS: Memoir of an Invisible Man (Tami Liberman, Germany)

Pioneers (Grace Harper, U.S./U.K.)

The Sun Is Heavy (Jared Jakins & Carly Jakins, U.S.)

Doc Shorts: No Justice, No Peace, with filmmakers and subjects, Missouri History Museum, Free

Ferguson 365 (Chris Phillips, U.S.)

Ferguson Documented: In 36 Hours (Carla Usher & Luis Abarca, U.S.)

Hands Up (Zinhle Essamuah, U.S.)

NOW! AGAIN! (Alexander Johnston, U.S.)

Doc Shorts: Peculiar Projects, Tivoli, Free

The Birdsell Project (Chuck Fry, U.S.)

Fairy Tales (Rongfei Guo, China)

The Gnomist (Sharon Liese, U.S.)

Knit Me Some Happiness (Sofia Olins, U.K.)

Still 60 (Marc Kornblatt, U.S.)

Tiny Out Loud (Andrew Ina, U.S.)

Doc Shorts: The Sporting Life, SLU, Free

Boxeadora (Meg Smaker, U.S., 2014, 16 min.)

The Dance of the Infants (Jokin Pascual, Spain)

The Foreigner (Jonathan Sutak, South Korea/U.S.)

From Tonga (Huay-Bing Law, U.S.)

Kanada Girl (Rebecca Campbell, U.S., Canada)

Luchadora (River Finlay, U.S.)

Doc Shorts: St. Louis Stories, with “The Bad Boy of Bowling” subject Pete Weber and director Storkel, Tivoli

The Bad Boy of Bowling (Bryan Storkel, U.S.)

Ron Taylor: Dr. Baseball (Drew Taylor, Canada)

Swallow's Tale (Jim Dreyer, U.S.)

Doc Shorts: The Struggle, Tivoli, Free

Even the Walls (Saman Maydani & Sarah Kuck, U.S.)

A More Perfect Union (Mike Rauch, U.S.)

The Story of the Contract Buyers League (Paul Rosenfeld, U.S.)

The Trials of Constance Baker Motley (Rick Rodgers, U.S.)

We All We Got (Carlos Javier Ortiz, U.S.)

Narrative Shorts: Adult Content, Tivoli

Cherry Cake (Jaine Green, U.K.)

Don't Tell Mom (Sawako Kabuki, Japan)

Kiss Kiss Fingerbang (Gillian Wallace Horvat, U.S.)

Pedophile (Ara Ball, Canada)

Pink Grapefruit (Michael Mohan, U.S.)

SexLife (Stefan Georgiou, U.K.)

Smart Monkey (Nicolas Pawlowski & Winshluss, France)

Thanatopraxy (Víctor Palacios, Spain)

Narrative Shorts: Animation 1, Tivoli

Animal Landscape (Shelley Dodson, U.S.)

Blankfillers (Celeste Lai & Peyton Skyler, U.S.)

Borrowed Time (Andrew Coats & Lou Hamou-Lhadj, U.S.)

Chase Me (Gilles-Alexandre Deschaud, France)

Coda (Alan Holly, Ireland)

The Kiosk (Anete Melece, Switzerland)

On Flying Water (Dominique Monfery, France)

One Night in Hell (James Hall & Jason Jameson, U.K.)

Opossum (Paul Cichon, Germany)

The Orchestra (Mikey Hill, Australia)

Panic! (Daan Velsink & Joost Lieuwma, Netherlands)

Perfect Houseguest (Ru Kuwahata & Max Porter, U.S.)

Roadtrip (Xaver Xylophon, Germany)

Seven Red Hoods (Leo Verrier, France)

The Single Life (Joris Oprins, Job Roggeveen & Marieke Blaauw, Netherlands)

Switchman (Hsun-Chun Chuang, Taiwan)

Symphony No. 42 (Reka Bucsi, Hungary)

Tick Tock (Zeynep Kocak, Turkey)

Walk the Dog (Sonja Rohleder, Germany, )

Wollen (Sarah Bergmann & Maria Hilbert, Germany)

Narrative Shorts: Animation 2, Tivoli

20 Drawings, An Embrace (José Miguel Ribeiro, Portugal)

Arlene (Farouq Suleiman, U.K.)

Chit Chat Roulette (David Luepschen, U.K.)

Deathsong (Malcolm Sutherland, Canada)

Eggplant (Yangzi She, U.S.)

Elu Herman H. Rottiga (Chintis Lundgren, Croatia/Denmark/Estonia)

Genius Expo (Mirai Mizue, Japan)

Ghost Cell (Nicolas Schmerkin, France)

Grow (Matt Bryan, U.S.)

Hansel + Gretel (Soyeon Kim, U.S.)

Hole (Tony Radevski, Australia)

Last Door South (Sacha Feiner, Belgium)

Levitation (Marko Mestrovic, Croatia)

Master Blaster (Sawako Kabuki, Japan)

Mirage (Yaya Xu, China)

Noir (Soyeon Kim, U.S.)

Nude and Crude (Mario Addis, Italy)

Remember (Shunsaku Hayashi, Japan)

Sea Child (Min-ha Kim, U.K.)

Teeth (Tom Brown & Daniel Gray, U.K./Hungary/U.S.)

Wrapped (Roman Kaelin, Florian Wittmann & Falko Paeper, Germany)

Narrative Shorts: Comedy 1, Tivoli

Digging ze Grave (Rob Lücker, Netherlands)

Edit/Undo (Daniel Clements, Canada)

The Fly (Olly Williams, U.K.)

Future Wars (Chris Grega, U.S.)

Grand Zero (Kevin Oeser, U.S.)

I Follow You (Jonatan Etzler, Sweden)

I'll Text You (David Lasdon, U.S.)

Limbo (Fangso Liu, U.S.)

Party Animals (Will Morris, U.S.)

Sleepy Steve (Meghann Artes, U.S.)

Twisted (Stuart Bowen, Australia)

Universal Gentrification (Devon Perez & Hart Perez, U.S.)

The Weigh In (Devon Perez & Hart Perez, U.S.)

World of Tomorrow (Don Hertzfeldt, U.S.)

Narrative Shorts: Comedy 2, Tivoli

Dynamic Double Standard (Luke Patton, U.S.)

Killer Friends (Zachary Noe Towers, U.S.)

Night of the Slasher (Shant Hamassian, U.S.)

Shotgun (Maverick Moore, U.S.)

Sumo Road (Ken Ochiai, Japan)

Three Dalmatians (Ingrid Stenersen, Norway)

Zero M2 (Matthieu Landour, France)

Narrative Shorts: Drama, Tivoli

Easy (Nyk Schmalz, U.S.)

Group B (Nick Rowland, U.K.)

Joy (Solomon Onita, U.S.)

Merry Christmas (Matti Ijäs, Finland)

The Way of Tea (Marc Fouchard, France)

Witness 11 (Sean Mitchell, U.S.)

Narrative Shorts: Experimental, Tivoli

Box (Mathias Askeland, Norway)

Descent (Johan Rijpma, Netherlands)

Entelechy (Ariana Delawari, U.S.)

I Play, You Play, We Play (Chai Mi, China)

Lam 2: Red Hands (Tess Martin, Netherlands)

Mynarski Death Plummet (Matthew Rawkin, Canada)

Planet Utero (Faiyaz Jafri, U.S.)

Plant in My Head (Pedro Maia, Germany/Portugal)

The Race (Michael Le Meur, France)

Re Place (Sven Windszus, Germany)

Retro Future (Mirai Mizue, Japan)

The Sleepwalker (Theodore Ushev, Canada)

Sonnet 134 (Edward Shieh, U.S.)

Today's Yesterday (Jade Travers, Ireland)

Zero Degree Overlap (Zlatko Cosic, U.S.)

Narrative Shorts: Identity, Tivoli

Birthday (Chris King, U.S.)

Black Card (Pete Chatmon, U.S.)

Breaking In (Adepero Oduye, U.S.)

Buckeye (Cameron Fife, U.S.)

Golden (Kai Stänicke, Germany)

Hole (Martin Edralin, Canada)

Myrna the Monster (Ian Samuels, U.S.)

New You Hair & Beauty (Trent McClure, Australia)

Nothing Escapes My Eyes (David Krippendorff, Germany)

A Pirate Named Ned (Steve Gentile, U.S.)

Narrative Shorts: Leading Ladies, Tivoli

Beverley (Alexander Thomas, U.K.)

Career Girl (Fortunato Procopio, U.S.)

Dog Bowl (Gordy Hoffman, U.S.)

Eat (Moritz Krämer, Germany)

Faded Finery (Mathias de Panafieu, France)

Falling to Pieces (Chris Connolly & Vivian Connolly, U.S.)

Knightsville (Aly Migliori, U.S.)

The Little Death (Simon Tillaas, Norway)

Narrative Shorts: New Faces of French Animation, Wash. U./Brown, Free

Anatole's Little Saucepan (Éric Montchaud, France)

Bankruptcy (Jean-Jean Arnoux, France)

Crazy Love (Augustin Clermont, Gilles Cortella, Marthe Delaporte, Clément de Ruyter, Maïlys Garcia, Gaspard Sumeire & Pierre Rutz, France)

House of Dust (Jean-Claude Rozec, France)

Man on the Chair (Dahee Jeong, France/Korea)

Mimma (Calvin Antoine Blandin, France)

The Sense of Touch (Jean-Claude Mbotti Malolo, France)

The Song (Inès Sedan, France)

String (Pierre Bassil, Perrine Bayssat, Yannick Boireau, Mansoureh Kamari & Isabelle PIolat, France)

Narrative Shorts: Relationships, Tivoli

All's Fair (Todd Strauss-Schulson, U.S.)

Chhaya (Debanjan Nandy, U.K.)

Fish Hook and Eye (Chloe Aktas, U.S.)

Followers (Tim Marshall, U.K.)

The Friend from Tel-Aviv (Federica Gianni, U.S.)

Solemates (Bryce Dallas Howard, U.S.)

Splatter (Hieronymus Cole, U.S.)

Sugarhiccup (Lisa Donato, U.S.)

The Tugboat Captain's Ball (Rick A. Moore, U.S.)

Narrative Shorts: Sci-Fi, Thrillers & Westerns, Tivoli

Bionic Girl (Stéphanie Cabdevila, France)

Cowboys and Engines (Bryn Pryor, U.S.)

The Future Perfect (Nick Citton, Canada)

The Mediator (Parker Phillips, U.S.)

The Mill at Calder's End (Kevin McTurk, U.S.)

Mrs. K (Dongneok Seo, South Korea)

Open 24 Hours (Henry Chaisson, U.S.)

The Pavement (Taylor Engel, U.S.)

Sophie (Alvaro Aro, U.S.)

Weight of Blood & Bones (Chris Ekstein, U.S.)

Narrative Shorts: Stars in Shorts, Tivoli

The Bridge Partner (Gabriel Olson, U.S.)

Devil Goes Down (Nicholas Julius, U.S.)

Miss Famous (Shadae Lamar Smith, U.S.)

Pant Suits (Saralyn Armer, U.S.)

Share (Pippa Bianco, U.S.)

Warning Labels (Jennifer Morrison, U.S.)

Winter Light (Julian Higgins, U.S.)

You Are Whole (Laura Spini, U.K.)

SLIFF/Kids Family Shorts 1, Plaza Frontenac, Free

Bunny New Girl (Natalie van den Dungen, Australia)

Cookie-Tin Banjo (Peter Baynton, U.K.)

Eggs (Tomofumi Inoue, Japan)

Fulfilament (Rhiannon Evans, U.K.)

In the Beginning (Arthur Metcalf, U.S.)

Little Bird and the Squirrel (Lena Von Dohren, Germany)

Me ... Jane (Paul & Sandra Fierlinger, U.S.)

My Big Brother (Jason Rayner, U.S.)

Ode to Love (Matthew Darragh, New Zealand)

Perfect Piggies (Sandra Boynton, U.S.)

Scoops of Steps (George Fuentes, U.S.)

Soar (Alyze Tzue, U.S.)

The Story of Percival Pilts (Janette Goodey & John Lewis, Australia)

Sweet Cocoon (Jonathan Duret, Manon Marco Matthias Bruget, Matéo Bernard & Quentin Puiravea, France)

Theodora (Henry Chaisson & Travis Bogosian, U.S.)

The Tie (An Vrombaut, Belgium)

What the Fly!? (Joris Chapelin, Julien Ferritto, Matthieu Maillet, Pascaline De Santis, Rim Khayat & Rémy Herissé, France)

SLIFF/Kids Family Shorts 2, Wash. U./Brown, Free

Blue Moon (Marsha Onderstijn & Jordie Roomer, Netherlands)

Bounce (Rory Lowe & DC Barclay, U.K.)

Dancing with Gene Kelly (Katharine Rogers, Australia)

Eyes on the Stars (Mike & Tim Rauch, U.S.)

The Fly (Marco Di Gerlando, Italy)

I've Just Had a Dream (Javi Navarro, Spain)

It Hit Upon the Roof (Teymour Ghaderi, Iran)

Jean-Michel the Woodland Caribou (Mathieu Auvray, France)

Last Jaguar (Miguel Anaya, Mexico)

Lothar (Luca Zuberbühler, Switzerland)

The Present (Jacob Frey, Germany)

Si Lunchai (Hannes Rall, Germany)

St. Louis Filmmakers Showcase Sampler, Webster U.

Abhita (Lacey Turner, U.S.)

About That (Damien D. Smith, U.S.)

The Basement (Bart Elfrink, U.S.)

Blameless (Robert Herrera, U.S.)

Daddy I Cut My Hair (Matt Amato, U.S.)

El Tio (Michael Rich, U.S.)

Late War (Chris Grega, U.S.)

Nature Imagined (Tim Kraft, U.S.)

Out of the Basement (Benjamin Dewhurst, U.S.)

Parallel Chords (Catherine Dudley-Rose, U.S.)

Trinity (Wyatt Weed, U.S.)

Whisper (Alec Wild, U.S.)



1st Squad, 3rd Platoon (Tim Rauch, U.S.), shown with Of Men and War

The Bridge (Emmy Gyori, Cuba,/U.S.), shown with the Poet of Havana

Code Oakland (Kelly Amis, U.S.), shown with Rise

A Conscious Dream (Federico Telerman & Nicolas Uboldi, Chile/Italy), shown with Those Who Feel the Fire Burning

Curt (Brendan Hearne, U.S.), shown with True Smile

Feeling Wanted (Yasmin Mistry, U.S.), shown with Black Girl in Suburbia

Hattie Goes Cruising (Konstantin Bock, U.S./Germany), shown with The Sandwich Nazi

If Mama Ain't Happy, Nobody's Happy (Mea de Jong, Netherlands), shown with Once My Mother

Kacey Mottet Klein, Birth of an Actor (Ursula Meier, Switzerland), shown with She's the Best Thing in It

A Love Worth Giving (James Newton, U.K.), shown with 24/7/365

Mama, Please Forgive Me (Ibai Vigil-Escalera, U.S./Spain), shown with Something You Can Call Home

The Many Sad Fates of Mr Toledano (Joshua Seftel, U.S.), shown with Miriam Beerman

My Dad's a Rocker (Zuxin Hou, U.S.), shown with My Life in China

The Nature of War (Tim Rauch, U.S.), shown with Of Men and War

Once Upon a Kingdom (Raphael J. Dostie & Terence Chotard, Canada), shown with Radical Grace

Picking Up the Pieces (Joshua Tebeau, Belgium/Canada/Germany/Poland/U.K./U.S.), shown with Goodbye Theresienstadt

#Plants4PeaceSTL (Corinne McAfee, U.S.), shown with City of Trees

Radio Orson (Matt E Nova, U.S.), shown with Magician

Rooted in Ferguson (Laura Caldie, U.S.), shown with Can You Dig This

Selma: The Bridge to the Ballot (Bill Brummel, U.S.), shown with Selma

The Surrender (Stephen Maing, U.S.), shown with (T)error

Thrive (Paul Szynol, U.S.), shown with How Sweet the Sound

Tikkun Olam: To Heal the World (Dylan Marie Parent, Poland/U.S.), shown with What Our Fathers Did

Tomgirl (Jeremy Asher Lynch, U.S.), shown with From This Day Forward

We Live This (James Burns, U.S.), shown with Takin' Place



Closing-Night Party and Awards Presentation, Urban Chestnut Grove Brewery and Biergarten, Free

Master Class: Documentary Filmmaking, with Nick Berardini and Robert Greene, Webster U./Sverdrup, Free

Master Class: Independent Filmmaking, with Trent Harris, Webster U./Sverdrup,Free

New Filmmakers Forum (NFF) Coffee, Stage at KDHX, Free

One in a Minion: Behind the Scenes of Animation with Glenn McCoy, Washington U./Brown, Free

Taylor-Made: A Conversation with Former Cardinal Ron Taylor, with screening of Ron Taylor: Dr. Baseball, Ballpark Village, Free

The Whole World Was Watching: Photographs and Videos of Ferguson by the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Missouri History Museum, Free