48 HFP St. Louis - Best of Screening



Wednesday, Jun. 19 at 7:00pm

Films & Teams in the finals: 

"The Cantwell Family Honour", by Spilt Milk Productions (Action/Adventure)

"Eat Well", by Studio C+ (Thriller/Suspense)

"False Flag", by Limited Batch Productions (Holiday Film + Film de Femme)

"Flew the Coop", by Jazz Men Productions (Buddy Film + Comedy)

"Him", by Lake Charles (Sci-Fi + Generation Gap)

"In a Pickle", by Slow Shed (Sci-Fi)

"Recipe for Disaster", by New Sequence (Spy/Espionage)

"Sir Bardolf", by Anonymous Productions (Period Piece + Romance)

"South City Rumble", by Green Eggs and Cams (Sports Film)

"The Story Behind the Stories", by Los Hermanos Politicos (Political)

"Thumbs Up", by Brain Freeze Productions (Fantasy)

"Til Death Do Us Part", by Slumber Party Snacks (Dark Comedy)