48 Hour Film Project St. Louis - Best of Screening and Awards


Wednesday, Jun. 13 at 7:00pm

Best of St. Louis 48 Hour Film Project Screening

"Donut Dilemma", by Lean Wisconsin (Mystery)

"Dorpas Day", by Lone Fort Productions (Comedy + Vacation or Holiday Film)

"Golden Rule", by Super Movie Bros. ULTRA (Spy / Espionage)

"The Great Tomato War Episode 2 The Veggies Strikes Again", by Los Hermanos Politicos (Sci-Fi)

"Inconclusive Mysteriosities", by New Sequence (Dark Comedy)

"I’ll Be Right Behind You", by Green Eggs & Cam (Horror)

"The Janitor", by Full Disclosure Films (School Drama)

"Marital Arts", by Small Plastic Dinosaurs (Romance + Martial Arts)

"Mindscape", by Anonymous Productions (Vacation or Holiday Film”

"November Rain", by Studio C Plus (Coming of Age)

"Served", by Brain Freeze Productions (Family Film)

"Space War!: Ep. 29", by Bug-Juice Productions (Sci Fi)

"Swiped", by FMR (Fish Out of Water)

"Tangled Web", by Sixth Floor Cinema (Dark Comedy)