Bedlam Street

2011, 90 min.

A gritty, character-driven drama, the locally shot “Bedlam Street” thoughtfully examines crime, poverty, race, religion, and family in a bleak inner-city environment. Taking place over a single day near Christmas, the film follows the struggles of several interconnected characters. Ajani and Muna are immigrants running a convenience store and attempting to build a better life for themselves and their young son. Gabe is a troubled youth with an expectant girlfriend and a desperate need for money. Police officer Leon is struggling with his faith while trying to manage communication difficulties with his dying mother and his impressionable teenage son. And Catlin is a drugged-out prostitute rapidly losing all hope.

Shown with: 
The Good Boy
Ryan Frank, U.S., 2011, 11 min

which tells the story of African youth who move to America, primarily from Liberia and Somalia, and form violent street gangs.

Show Times
Sunday, November 13 at 6:30pm
Paul Wendell

With director Wendell.