Voices Beyond the Wall: Twelve Love Poems from the Murder Capital of the World

Honduras/U.S., 2017, 88 min., English & Spanish


Tuesday, Mar. 27 at 7:30pm

Rescued from the streets of San Pedro Sula, Honduras — murder capital of the world — orphaned girls find their voices in poetry as they heal traumas of their past and prepare to transition into an uncertain future. Founded 25 years ago in San Pedro Sula, a Central American city infamous for its poverty and violence, Our Little Roses is the only girls’ orphanage in Honduras. Seventy girls, ages 1-18, have found refuge there from broken and destitute homes, murderous streets, and the neighboring Bordo, the worst slum in the Americas. Inside 20-foot-high concrete walls topped with barbed wire, they receive medical attention, food, shelter, and the nurturing care of a vibrant and entirely female collective. “Voices Beyond the Wall” bears witness to the catharsis that occurs when marginalized adolescent girls are encouraged to find their voices in poetry and speak for themselves.


Bradley Coley
Interfaith Award for Best Documentary