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After the Storm

Thursday, November 10 at 8:45pm
Friday, November 11 at 12:00pm

“After the Storm” is the latest masterwork from Japanese director Hirokazu Koreeda (“Still Walking,” “Like Father, Like Son”). Dwelling on his past glory as a prize-winning author, Ryota (Hiroshi Abe) wastes the money he makes as a private detective on gambling... Read more


Friday, November 4 at 2:45pm
Sunday, November 6 at 8:45pm

In “Apprentice,” which debuted at Cannes, Aiman is a 28-year-old Malay correctional officer who has recently transferred to the territory's top prison. He lives with his older sister in a modest housing estate. At his new workplace, Aiman takes an interest in a 65... Read more

Beijing, New York

Friday, November 4 at 6:30pm
Saturday, November 5 at 6:00pm

“Beijing, New York” is the stunningly beautiful directorial debut of renowned Chinese cinematographer Rain Li, who has shot films for Gus Van Sant (“Paranoid Park”), Scott McGehee and David Siegel (“Uncertainty”), and Stanley Kwan (“Showtime”). Named one of the “... Read more

Celestial Camel

Saturday, November 5 at 2:15pm
Sunday, November 6 at 12:15pm

An amusing story lovingly told, “Celestial Camel” takes audiences on a magical journey with 12-year-old herder Bayir into an utterly unique and alien world. When a mother camel runs away to find her colt — his father has sold the animal to some filmmakers — Bayir... Read more


Saturday, November 12 at 4:30pm

Lonely, mild-mannered Cameron (Christopher Dinh) is content racing around the dark streets of Los Angeles as a late-night courier for his slick boss, Eddie (Billy Sly Williams). Then one fateful night, an important client, Martin (Kelvin Han Yee), asks Cameron to... Read more

Dream Factory

Saturday, November 5 at 6:30pm
Sunday, November 6 at 4:15pm

An all too common phenomenon in India, power outages constitute a nationwide crisis. Although only a village-school dropout, Ezhil (Arun Chidambaram) is determined to find a solution to the persistent electricity problem. His efforts take a dramatic turn when he... Read more

The Eagle Huntress

Thursday, November 10 at 6:45pm

In “The Eagle Huntress,” 13-year-old Aisholpan trains to become the first girl in 12 generations of her Kazakh family to become an eagle hunter. Many old Kazakh eagle hunters vehemently reject the idea of a woman taking part in their ancient tradition, but... Read more

Everybody's Fine

Tuesday, November 8 at 2:15pm
Thursday, November 10 at 12:00pm

A wonderfully perceptive and moving family drama, “Everybody’s Fine” works a Chinese variation on Giuseppe Tornatore’s 1990 Italian original (with Marcello Mastroianni) and its 2009 American remake (with Robert De Niro). This new take on “Everybody’s Fine” stars... Read more


Friday, November 4 at 12:15pm
Monday, November 7 at 12:15pm

With his characteristically careful attention to character, director Koji Fukada creates an explosive family drama in “Harmonium.” Intended as a companion piece to the black comedy “Hospitalite,” “Harmonium” returns to the domestic sphere, capturing the collapse... Read more

The New Classmate

Thursday, November 10 at 4:15pm
Friday, November 11 at 7:00pm

“The New Classmate” —director Ashwiny Iyer Tiwari’s debut — is a heartwarming story about being courageous enough to dream. On her first day of school, Appu has no desire to get out of the bed she shares with her single mother, Chanda. She would much rather spend... Read more

Old Stone

Monday, November 7 at 6:45pm
Tuesday, November 8 at 2:10pm

In Johnny Ma’s thrilling debut feature, a Chinese taxi driver finds himself plunged into a Kafkaesque nightmare in a society where life is cheap, compassion is ruinously expensive, and no good deed goes unpunished. When a drunk passenger causes Lao Shi to swerve... Read more

One Night Only

Friday, November 11 at 9:15pm
Sunday, November 13 at 7:45pm

Having lost his fortune and loved ones because of inveterate gambling, Gao Ye walks out from prison to face a cruel and lonely world. Intrigued by Momo, a beautiful hooker who mysteriously knocks on his door, he involves her in a plan intended to recoup all of his... Read more

She Remembers, He Forgets

Friday, November 4 at 9:15pm
Sunday, November 6 at 3:00pm

Gigi (Miriam Yeung) is a travel agent yearning to see more of the world but married to a man whose work schedule consistently fails to align with hers. Worse, Pang (Jan Lamb) may also be cheating on her. As she processes her emotions on the subject, Gigi fondly... Read more

Sila Samayangalil

Saturday, November 5 at 3:30pm
Sunday, November 6 at 8:00pm

A dramedy with a strong message of social awareness, “Sila Samayangalil” focuses on eight characters from different walks of life who provide their blood samples for an AIDS test. In the pathology lab where the screening occurs, those tested are forced to cool... Read more