J. Kim & Sharon Tucci Italian Focus

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Friday, November 4 at 5:00pm
Tuesday, November 8 at 7:00pm

Arianna is 19 years old and still has not had her first menstrual cycle. Despite the fact that her breasts have become slightly enlarged, the hormones her gynecologist has prescribed do not seem to be helping with her maturation. With her parents, Arianna journeys... Read more


Monday, November 7 at 4:45pm
Wednesday, November 9 at 2:15pm

Agronomist Ivo, frustrated by the lack of opportunity in his Italian home of Bari, accepts a job offer in Banat, a fertile region of Romania. Clara, who renovates boats in the Bari harbor, is at the end of a long and difficult relationship, and when she meets Ivo... Read more

The Confessions

Saturday, November 12 at 12:15pm
Sunday, November 13 at 4:45pm

At a G8 meeting held at a luxury hotel on the German coast, the world's most powerful economists gather to enact important decisions that will deeply influence the world economy. Among the guests is a mysterious Italian monk (Toni Servillo), who has been invited... Read more

Don't Be Bad

Monday, November 7 at 7:15pm
Tuesday, November 8 at 9:00pm

The Italian submission for Best Foreign-Language Film at last year’s Academy Awards, “Don’t Be Bad” is the final work of cult director Claudio Caligari, who died of cancer before its completion. The film was shepherded to the finish line by actor Valerio... Read more