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Saturday, November 12 at 2:00pm

An acute examination of pride, ego, and competition, Stéphane Demoustier’s accomplished first feature highlights an especially fraught father-son relationship. When the film opens, middle-aged Jérôme (Olivier Gourmet) has just lost his job as a chain-store sales... Read more


Saturday, November 12 at 12:30pm

As 12-year-old Adama is about to experience his boyhood rite of passage, he and his brother’s lives are changed forever. Adama lives in a remote African village, but his older teenage brother Samba gets lured outside of their community to join the ranks of the... Read more

Belle & Sebastian: The Adventure Continues

Tuesday, November 8 at 6:15pm
Thursday, November 10 at 2:10pm

The sequel to the crowd-pleasing “Belle and Sebastian” (2014 SLIFF) — no knowledge of its predecessor is required — the charmingly old-fashioned “The Adventure Continues” again takes place in the picturesque French Alps. Trailed by a concerned grandfather (Tcheky... Read more

Birds of Passage

Sunday, November 13 at 1:00pm

Cathy (Clarisse Djuroski), a child of divorce, receives a typically quirky gift from her largely absent father: a duck egg to hatch. Told that the bird will imprint on the first person it sees, Cathy is intent on ensuring that the duckling claps its tiny eyes on... Read more


Friday, November 11 at 12:10pm
Sunday, November 13 at 7:15pm

The final film of the late Polish master Andrzej Zulawski, “Cosmos” is a twisty, darkly comic, and entertainingly deranged whodunit. Witold (Jonathan Genet) has just failed his law-school examinations, and Fuchs (Johan Libéreau) has recently quit his job at a... Read more


Sunday, November 6 at 9:30pm

On our 25th anniversary, SLIFF proudly re-presents several works from the fest’s past, including this new restoration of Jean-Pierre Jeunet and Marc Caro’s “Delicatessen,” which screened at our first edition. An impressive debut feature, “Delicatessen” provided a... Read more

Double Bill: The Nutty Professor and Jerry Lewis: The Man Behind the Clown

Saturday, November 12 at 1:00pm

Since his earliest days, SLIFF Lifetime Achievement Award honoree Jerry Lewis had the masses laughing with his visual gags, pantomime sketches, and signature slapstick humor. But Lewis was far more than just a funny performer. After his breakup with partner Dean... Read more


Sunday, November 13 at 5:00pm

Paul Verhoeven, the iconic director of “Robocop” and “Basic Instinct,” is back and at his provocative best in “Elle.” Michèle (Isabelle Huppert) seems indestructible: The head of a leading video-game company, she brings the same ruthless attitude to both her... Read more


Friday, November 4 at 4:15pm
Saturday, November 5 at 2:00pm

Winner of last year’s César Award as best film, “Fatima” is one of recent French cinema's most trenchant and moving portraits of the immigrant experience, offering a patient, reflective study of a woman pressured by her children and neighbors to assimilate into a... Read more

House of Time

Friday, November 4 at 5:15pm
Saturday, November 5 at 8:30pm

Robert d'Eglantine, a specialist in quantum physics, invites five of his friends to spend a weekend in his castle, lost in the woods, and to share in an experiment. According to his calculations, at 11:37 p.m., a rift will open in the space-time continuum and send... Read more

Jerry Lewis: The Man Behind the Clown

Saturday, November 12 at 1:00pm

Since his earliest days, SLIFF Lifetime Achievement Award honoree Jerry Lewis had the masses laughing with his visual gags, pantomime sketches, and signature slapstick humor. But Lewis was far more than just a funny performer. After the breakup of his famed... Read more

Le Mirage

Tuesday, November 8 at 8:30pm
Saturday, November 12 at 8:15pm

The good news: Patrick has it all. The handsome manager of a mammoth sporting-goods store, he lives with beautiful wife Isabelle (Julie Perrault) and his children in a home that features all the newest luxuries, including a dream kitchen and a pool. And the bad... Read more

The Measure of a Man

Tuesday, November 8 at 6:30pm
Friday, November 11 at 5:00pm

In “The Measure of a Man,” a powerful and deeply troubling vision of the realities of our new economic order, Vincent Lindon gives his finest performance to date as unemployed everyman Thierry, who must submit to a series of quietly humiliating ordeals in his... Read more


Sunday, November 6 at 12:30pm

At 22, filmmaker Serena Dykman had always known that her maternal grandmother, Maryla Michalowski-Dyamant, was an Auschwitz survivor, but she never dared or cared to inquire more about the Nana she had lost at 11. But after witnessing the terrorist attacks in... Read more

Neither Heaven Nor Earth

Friday, November 4 at 2:00pm
Monday, November 7 at 8:45pm

While on a mission in Afghanistan, French Army Capt. Antarès Bonassieu's men start vanishing one by one without explanation. Bonassieu (Jérémie Renier) and his squad are assigned to monitor a remote valley of Wakhan, Afghanistan, on the border of Pakistan.... Read more

Phantom Boy

Saturday, November 12 at 2:15pm

“Phantom Boy,” the highly anticipated new film from the Academy Award®-nominated writers and directors of “A Cat in Paris,” is a stylish noir caper, set in the shadowy streets and alleyways of New York. Leo has a secret. A mysterious illness has transformed him... Read more

The Red Turtle

Saturday, November 12 at 6:15pm

An intriguing collaboration between independent Dutch animator Michael Dudok de Wit and the famed Studio Ghibli — longtime home of the legendary Hayao Miyazaki (“Spirited Away,” “Princess Mononoke”) — the dialogue-less “The Red Turtle” chronicles the major life... Read more

She Started It

Tuesday, November 8 at 7:30pm

Following five women over two years as they pitch venture capitalists, build teams, bring products to market, fail, and start again, “She Started It” takes viewers on a global roller-coaster ride from San Francisco to Mississippi, from France to Vietnam. Along the... Read more

Staying Vertical

Friday, November 4 at 9:30pm
Saturday, November 5 at 4:15pm

Screenwriter Leo (Damien Bonnard) is researching a script — and coping with writer’s block — in the south of France. During a scouting excursion, he is seduced by Marie (India Hair), a free-spirited and dynamic shepherdess, and nine months later she gives birth to... Read more

Story of Judas

Sunday, November 6 at 5:15pm

A bold retelling of the saga of the most infamous of the 12 disciples, Rabah Ameur-Zaïmeche’s movie portrays Judas not as the betrayer of Jesus but as his most devoted and loving friend. In addition to directing, writing, and producing “Story of Judas,” Ameur-... Read more


Thursday, November 10 at 4:25pm
Sunday, November 13 at 2:15pm

A suicide on the streets of a downtown Montréal borough unites the stories of a diverse cast of characters in Guy Édoin’s “Ville-Marie.” Witness to the tragedy, asthmatic architecture student Thomas misses the airport arrival of his mother, Sophie (Monica Bellucci... Read more

The Yatzkans

Sunday, November 13 at 12:00pm

Viewing great historical events from a highly personal perspective, “The Yatzkans” traces the journey of the film’s eponymous family across war-torn 20th-century Europe. When Anna-Célia Kendall’s mother dies, the filmmaker must deal with the remaining personal... Read more