St. Louis Filmmakers Showcase Shorts Sampler

114 min.


Monday, Sep. 25 at 7:30pm

Cinema St. Louis will conclude our 2017 screening series at the .ZACK with a series of outstanding and exemplary short subjects from this summer’s St. Louis Filmmakers Showcase. Many of the filmmakers will be in attendance at the event.

Bearing Witness

Jun Bae

An audiovisual tone poem that encourages us to re-examine the memories that ultimately define our identity.

I Am The Dance of Life

Randy Shinn

Controversial transgender performance artist Susan Stone dances at music events in St. Louis and pushes the envelope of free expression.

Little Drummer Girl

Chris Benson

At the peak of the Civil War, a father is forced to make a grave decision after the loss of his family.

Richie and the Styles

Aaron Landgraf

At the end of a long tour, a struggling jazz band receives news that the founder of an esteemed record label is to attend their next show.

Rob in The Hood

Greg Sporleder

A modern-day version of the classic tale.

That's What You Get For Grabbing

Zlatko Cosic

Abstract explorations of society from the Women's March in St. Louis on Jan. 21, 2017.

An Uber Tale

Lynelle White

Two strangers, a guy and girl, share an Uber. Although there's clearly an attraction between them, neither is able to initiate conversation, so they ride on. And on. And on.