Invited Films

We're excited to screen your film at the 27th annual Whitaker St. Louis International Film Festival (SLIFF), Nov. 1-11, 2018. This page is a portal to assist with inbound print traffic of your film file or drive, and soon will also have guest travel information available for those who will be attending SLIFF this year. 

Keep track of festival happenings by following us on Twitter @STLFilmFest. Both the SLIFF and Cinema St. Louis Facebook pages will also have up-to-date info on the festival. Your spreading the word about your screening will certainly help with the overall success of the festival.


Deadline: Friday, October 5th. *We are no longer accepting film images.*

For the purposes of the program, website and sometimes local press (TV, web, print, and radio) we need a strong set images from the various films and film programs in the festival. If available please upload no more than 3 images from your film. Acceptable file formats are JPG, PNG, or TIF. Each image should be titled with the name of your film followed by the numbers 1, 2 and 3. Try to make #1 your favorite of the set. (Example: Fugue1.jpg) All images sent will not be used but we will do our best to spread it around. We look for striking visuals that stand out and tell part of the story they represent. What we ultimately use are the best images we receive quickly so we can get the website up and program printed. Click on the link below to upload images directly to our Dropbox. If you do not have any images ready, don't worry about it as we will have plenty to choose from. DO NOT send posters, anything with text on it, or behind the scenes/crew shots. Only still images from the film itself. 


Film Delivery

Deadline: Friday, October 19th. Please have film file uploaded or in our possession by this date.


All shorts will be shown from file via laptop. It takes a great deal of time to assemble and test all of the programs in advance, so please don't wait until the very last second to send in your projection file. 

Acceptable Formats:

1. (Preferred) Pro Res 422 .mov file or H.264 .mov or .mp4 file. 1920x1080

2. Codecs: Pro Res 422, H.264, or DNxHD

3. Wrappers: .mov or .mp4

4. Resolution: max: 1920x1080, min: 720x480

5. Use a stereo mix.

6. Be sure to name your file like the following: “FILM” (Example “Trip to the” or “Sherlock.mp4”)

7. Use your native frame rate (24, 29.97, 25)

8. Do not submit 2k or 4k resolution

9. Do not submit Pro Res 4444

10. There should be 2 seconds of black prior to the start of your film. Please do not include bars and tone or a countdown prior to the start of your film.

11. There should be a maximum of 2 seconds of black at the end of your film. 

Delivery Options


Acceptable Formats:

  1. DCP (Preferred if you are screening at Brown Hall/Washington University, Plaza Frontenac or the Tivoli.)

  2. File - same as specs for short films, 1920x1080 ProRes 422 or H.264 .mov or .mp4 file (Preferred if you are screening at The GatheringKDHX, or .ZACK. Files ONLY at The Gathering)

  3. Blu-Ray - (Preferred if you are screening at the Missouri History Museum or Moore Auditorium/Webster University) Please also include a backup blu-ray or DVD.

Delivery Options:

  • We had initially thought that downloading feature film files would be easier than it is, but the process has not been working very efficiently and this is unfortunately no longer an option. We do NOT have the ability to download files directly into the theater servers and our own office speed just can't handle anything over 30GB in a reasonable amount of time. Please coordinate with Chris to deliver flash or hard drives of your film. In most cases our FedEx # can be shared to facilitate.
  • Send DCP, Blu-Ray, or HDDs to:

      • Chris Clark
      • SLIFF Print Traffic
      • Cinema St. Louis
      • 3547 Olive St., Suite 260
      • St. Louis, MO 63103 
    • Contact Chris Clark ( for additional questions about how/where to deliver your film.

Attending Filmmaker Information

If you are planning on attending SLIFF, please contact Chris Clark (314)-289-4152

Click here for official SLIFF HOTELS info page


Download/Save Image the laurels image from the top of this page or ask Chris to have them emailed to you.


Cliff Froehlich, Executive Director (314)-289-4151 Chris Clark, Artistic Director & Programmer (314)-289-4152 Brian Spath, Operations Supervisor (314)-289-4153 Bree Maniscalco, Development Director (314)-289-4154