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The Best Films of 2018

The Best Films of 2018: The Roundtable

After publishing their individual “Best Films of 2018” lists in late December, the Lens critics began a spirited discussion via email on the state of cinema in 2018, and... Read more

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Every Horror Film of 2018, Ranked

Last year was an unusually strong one for the horror genre, in terms of both artistic merit and the broader pop-cultural context. (Any year in which a straight-no-chaser indie horror feature can run away with a $250 million box office and a Best Original... Read more

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The Best Films of 2018: The Lists

Although the calendar year is an admittedly arbitrary framework for the discussion of cinema, when the end of December approaches, even the most high-minded writer is usually compelled to look back on the past 12 months and catalog their favorite films. (List-... Read more


The Best Films of 2017

Call it the La La Land hangover. In the wake of the overwhelming popularity and wide-ranging critical acclaim heaped on Damien Chazelle’s bittersweet musical fantasy in 2016, it was hard not to notice the extent to which 2017’s best feature films... Read more

The Best Streaming Horror Films of 2017

Video-on-demand (VOD) is increasingly becoming a vital way for horror enthusiasts to access the genre's best contemporary features, particularly in secondary and tertiary markets such as St. Louis. In some ways, 2017 was a watershed year, in which the horror... Read more

Every Horror Film of 2017, Ranked

In a year in which real-world political and cultural events often seemed like fodder for a surreal nightmare, horror cinema could often appear superfluous. Even dedicated aficionados of the genre could be forgiven for questioning the escapist value of ghosts,... Read more