The Happys

2016, U.S., 87 min.


Monday, Jul. 31 at 7:30pm

When 21-year-old Tracy (Amanda Bauer) walks in on boyfriend Mark (Jack DePew), a newly minted movie star, having sex with a man, she immediately decides to leave him. But after assessing her limited options, Tracy returns with a deal: If he agrees to marry her, she’ll forget the incident ever happened. Mark accepts her terms, but neither of them fully understands the sacrifices that both will have to make. As their relationship deteriorates, Tracy manages to compensate for the troubles in her marriage by befriending the quirky residents of her Los Feliz neighborhood: Sebastian (Rhys Ward), a troubled recluse; Luann (Janeane Garofalo), a former child star and true free spirit; Krista (“The Walking Dead's” Melissa McBride), Mark's hard-charging talent manager; Jonathan (Stepen Guarino), a gay magazine reporter; and Ricky (Arturo del Puerto), a hot Mexican with a failing food truck. Discovering her true sense of self — and a passion for cooking — Tracy ends up serving as a catalyst that forces them all to grow and to connect in unforeseen ways. “The Happys” features an original score by Wilco multi-instrumentalist Patrick Sansone.


Tom Gould & John Serpe