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Sunday, Nov. 5 at 5:00pm
Tuesday, Nov. 7 at 4:30pm

In this haunting film — based on the acclaimed short story "Homecoming" by Gábor T. Szántó — deep undercurrents run beneath the placid surface in a quaint village that's ultimately forced to face up to its ill-gotten gains from World War II. On a sweltering August day in 1945, villagers prepare for the wedding of the town clerk's son. Meanwhile, two Orthodox Jews arrive at the village train station with mysterious boxes labeled "fragrances." The clerk fears the men may be heirs of the village's deported Jews and expects them to demand the return of property that was illegally acquired by the town’s residents. Other villagers are afraid more survivors will come, posing a threat to the property and possessions they have claimed as their own. Variety declares: “Featuring striking black-and-white lensing that imbues potent compositions with foreboding, Magyar multihyphenate Ferenc Török’s finely performed ‘1945’ takes on a transitional time in Hungarian history with subtlety and nuance…. The gripping period drama offers a fresh, intelligent cinematic approach to a difficult topic.”

91 min.
Hungarian & Russian

Directed by

Ferenc Török



Film Category

Eastern European Focus International Spotlight Oscar® Submissions


Class Issues Holocaust Jewish Refugees Religion/Faith War


Historical Drama

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Joy Book Club