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Saturday, Nov. 7 at 4:30pm

The digital revolution created a technology paradigm shift that upended the music industry, and Alex Winter’s “Downloaded” tells the full story, focusing on the rise of game-changing company Napster and controversial pioneers Shawn Fanning and Sean Parker. The film features interviews with such well-known music artists and music-industry figures as the Beastie Boys' Mike D, Noel Gallagher, Henry Rollins, former Sony Music chairman Don Ienner, former record producer and Island Records founder Chris Blackwell, and former Recording Industry Association of America CEO Hilary Rosen. The New York Times writes: “‘Downloaded’ tells a fascinating story about how college students harnessed the Internet to enable people to trade favorite songs, and how a blindsided music industry, ignorant of the Web’s potential, effectively shut them down.”

U.S., 2013, 106 min.

Directed by

Alex Winter



Film Category

Leon & Mary Strauss Documentary Spotlight Music Spotlight Show-Me Cinema


Internet/Social Media Music

With director Winter.

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