Between the Shades

Jill Salvino, U.S., 2017, 82 min.


Saturday, Apr. 7 at 3:30pm
No film can ever capture the immense diversity of the LGBTQI community, but “Between the Shades” puts faces to the letters, discussing how those letters have evolved and expanded since the Stonewall riots and examining the immense power of labels and the transcendence of love. The filmmakers invited 50 people, each with a connection to the LGBTQI community, to begin a conversation by sharing their stories. The participants represent a large range of age groups, ethnicities, and professions, and the film looks at love from a 360-degree perspective by including the views of parents and children. Among the film’s many interviewees are Beth Malone (of Broadway’s “Fun Home”), actress Kathy Najimy, and Democratic National Committee Treasurer Andrew Tobias.