Center of My World

2016, Germany, 115 min., German with English subtitles


Saturday, Apr. 1 at 7:30pm

Based on the 1998 German novel “Die Mitte der Welt” by Andreas Steinhöfel, this sweet coming-of-age film is a story about the universal problems of puberty, friendship, and first love. Seventeen-year-old Phil comes back from a summer camp and returns to the quirky old mansion where he lives. Phil notices that something has changed between his mother and his twin sister — they no longer talk to each other — but he avoids the rift by spending the last days of his summer holidays with best friend Kat. When school begins, the mysterious Nicholas enters the class, and Phil feels drawn to him. They soon engage in a passionate love affair, but the relationship is complicated: Phil remains unsure exactly what Nicholas thinks of him, and his friendship with Kat is strained by jealousy. Between his estranged family members, his envious old friend, and his enigmatic new love, Phil finds it increasingly difficult to identify the center of his world.


Jakob M. Erwa

Sponsored by

Mark Utterback