The Gospel of Eureka

75 min.


Tuesday, Apr. 30 at 5:00pm
FREE (ticket required from box office)

Eureka Springs, Ark., is a one-of-a-kind oasis in the Ozarks where Christian piety rubs shoulders with a thriving and open queer community. Known for its natural springs, the town serves as home to both the 1,500-foot concrete sculpture known as Christ of the Ozarks and a surprising number of gay resorts, B&Bs, bars, and businesses. Narrated with homespun humor by Mx. Justin Vivian Bond, “The Gospel of Eureka” spotlights the space where the town’s seemingly contradictory factions intersect: Lee and Walter, the out and proud married owners of a local gay bar that they describe as a “hillbilly Studio 54,” talk about their deep-seated faith; a Christian T-shirt designer confesses his love for his gay father; and everything comes together in a show-stopping mashup of a spectacular Passion Play and raucous drag show. Variety enthuses: “Here in this rhinestone on the Bible Belt, the filmmakers find that most residents just want to get along, despite loudmouths on the news rattling their sabers. This cheerful small-town portrait makes for an idealistic crowd-pleaser (after all, Eureka Springs is the rumored home of healing waters), but this beautiful, and beautifully shot, documentary is a cure for the angry headline blues.” 

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Grandmother and Me (Kat Cole, U.S., 2018, 7 min.): In this intimate documentary, the director creates a visual letter to her fiancé’s 100-year-old  grandmother, exhuming long-kept secrets to capture the complexities of familial love and the subtle effects of transphobia in the home.


Donal Mosher & Michael Palmieri

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