Kiss Me, Kill Me

2016, U.S., 101 min.


Thursday, Apr. 28 at 9:00pm

In the latest film from QFest veteran Casper Andreas (“The Big Gay Musical,” “Violet Tendencies”), Dusty (Van Hansis of “As the World Turns”) leads a charmed life. An aspiring actor, he's just been promised the hosting role on a brand-new reality show produced by his TV-mogul boyfriend, Stephen (Gale Harold of “Queer as Folk”). At a lavish party celebrating his birthday, Stephen proposes to Dusty. But when Stephen's ex shows up uninvited and desperately attempts to win back his former lover, the couple argue and Dusty storms off. Waking up in a hospital the next day, an amnesiac Dusty learns Stephen was killed in a violent attack, and police detectives (Jai Rodriguez of “Queer Eye for the Straight Guy” and Yolanda Ross of “Treme”) have targeted him as the prime suspect. Now Dusty must either prove his innocence or accept the fact that he just might be a cold-blooded killer.


Casper Andreas

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Mark Utterback