Un couteau dans le coeur
110 min.


Tuesday, Apr. 30 at 9:00pm

Set in the gay underworld of 1979 Paris, Yann Gonzalez’s sexy and murderous “Knife+Heart” follows Anne (Vanessa Paradis), a porn producer coping with heartbreak who is thrust into a lurid mystery after her actors, one by one, begin to fall victim to a leather-clad masked killer. With her relationship to her lover and colleague (Kate Moran) on the rocks and the police unwilling to mount a proper investigation, Anne finds herself alone as she pursues a small lead through dark forests and seedy film sets, encountering along the way a slate of outlandish characters, from a deformed ornithologist to a phantasmal, grief-stricken mother. With a pulsing, sensuous score by French band M83 (of which director Gonzalez is a former member), the film is both a celebration of ecstatic, unrestrained hedonism and a macabre descent into the psychosexual realm of transgression and the violent reactions it so often provokes. This stylish thriller premiered at 2018 Cannes Film Festival and has been nominated for nearly two dozen international awards. Lead actress Paradis (“The Girl on the Bridge’) turns in a soulful, dark performance as her world is literally cut to pieces. Selecting the film as a New York Times Critic’s Pick, writer Glenn Kenny says that “Knife+Heart” “packs in plenty of cinema acrobatics and spectacle without ever feeling out of control” and calls the film “an apt, and not at all unserious, example of queer cinema at its most playful.”


Yann Gonzalez

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