Queer Shorts 1: Eve

100 min.


Wednesday, Apr. 4 at 9:00pm

Enfin Seule (Josalyn Smith, U.S., 2018, 11 min.): Arriving in the afterlife, Mel wants to get down to the business of eternal solitude, but her case worker at “Le Bureau” has a slightly different plan in mind.

EVOKE (Asia LeMasters, U.S., 2017, 16 min.): Retracing their times together, Hailey and Emma explore their relationship through shared memories.

Hot & Bothered (Leah Byrd, U.S., 2018, 55 min.): This satirical comedy follows the lives of two sarcastic stoner 20-year-olds who get in over their heads when they create a Grindr for lesbians.

The Lady That Dances (Joppe Rogg, U.K., 2018, 4 min.): A portrait that combines Ash Palmisciano’s poetry and transgender ballet dancer Sophie Rebecca’s elegant moves.

Swipe Right (Des Matelske, U.S., 2017, 25 min.): Liv’s mother, who won't accept her daughter’s sexual identity, strives to find her the perfect man, and Liv's male best friend is similarly set on finding her the perfect woman. But an unexpected blind date provides the real solution to Liv’s romantic problems.