Queer Voices Shorts

109 min.


Wednesday, Apr. 27 at 9:00pm

A collection of queer shorts from around the world.

“Equal Justice Under Law” (Dan Goldes, 2015, U.S., 3 min.): A combination of President Barack Obama’s speech about the Supreme Court’s historic ruling on marriage equality with video of the reaction in San Francisco.

“Escape Hatch” (David Willing, 2016, Australia, 10 min.): In this feel-good film about love and courage, a girl walks into a restaurant dressed as Wonder Woman.

“How to Be Alone” (Erez Eisenstein, 2015, Israel, 23 min.): A woman grapples with her lonely existence as a singleton.

“My Refugee Story” (Mohamed Nour & Eldin Metwally, 2015, Lebanon, 17 min.): A documentary film about the challenges and legal issues confronting LGBTQ Syrian refugees when they arrive in Lebanon.

“The Orchid” (Ferran Navarro-Beltrán, 2016, Spain, 3 min.): A man has something important to tell his son but can only get through to his voicemail.

"Reinventing the Reel" (Michael Gorlick, 2015, U.S., 20 min.) An overview of Hollywood's evolving treatment of LGBTQ subjects.

“Trigger” (Christopher Folkens, 2015, U.S., 10 min.): After being rejected by his family, a shy young man battles the warring thoughts in his head.

"We Could Be Parents" (Björn Elgerd, 2016, Sweden, 15 min.): After his boyfriend leaves him, Erik makes a film to explain the motivation for some questionable behavior: He wanted to ensure they could afford to become parents.

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