The Anthropologist


Saturday, Nov. 14 at 7:00pm
Missouri History Museum

Margaret Mead, the best-known anthropologist of all time, was fascinated by how remote cultures, locked for centuries in a certain way of life, negotiated changes from the modern world. Today, anthropologist Susie Crate studies communities confronting climate change: melting permafrost, receding glaciers, and rising tides. Crate and her daughter travel to Siberia, Peru, and the Pacific island nation of Kiribati to study how different groups adapt to climate change. Mead is a vital part of the film, present both in her anthropologist daughter's remembrances and archival footage of her in the field and in the media, but the heart of the story is Crate and her teenage daughter, Katie. As Katie travels the world with her mom, sometimes grudgingly, she resists the notion of following in her mother's footsteps, but over time she becomes more and more appreciative of anthropology's importance. The film thus contains two mother-daughter pairs, both engaging with different cultures and learning how they preserve traditions and adapt to changes in their world. "The Anthropologist" is a follow-up to the Sundance hit and Emmy Award nominee "The Linguists."

U.S./Kiribati/Peru/Russia, 2015, 81 min., English, Russian & Spanish

Directed by

Seth Kramer, Daniel A. Miller & Jeremy Newberger

Film Category

Eastern European Focus Environmental Focus Leon & Mary Strauss Documentary Spotlight Spanish-Language Focus International Spotlight

With co-director Kramer.