Aram, Aram


Saturday, Nov. 14 at 6:45pm
Tivoli Theatre

In the gripping “Aram, Aram” -- the first American indie to explore the Armenian immigrant community of multi-ethnic Los Angeles -- 12-year-old Aram is sent from Armenia to live with his grandfather in America after his parents die in an accident. Struggling to adapt to his new life in the U.S., Aram falls under the spell of a local gangster and must choose between the old-world values of his grandfather and the new-world path of his charismatic criminal mentor. Calling the film “a potent, lovingly detailed evocation of an unfamiliar California subculture,” the Hollywood Reporter says that “Aram, Aram” “packs an emotional punch” and “deserves to be seen.” The film’s “energetic direction” earns particular praise, especially the film’s finale, which is cited as “remarkably intense.”

U.S., 2014, 85 min., English & Armenian

Directed by

Christopher Chambers

Film Category

American Indie Spotlight Eastern European Focus New Filmmakers Forum



With director Chambers.

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Alex Townsend Memorial Foundation in honor of Alex Townsend