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In the mystery “Backgammon,” Lucian (Noah Silver) and girlfriend Elizabeth (Olivia Crocicchia) journey to their friend Andrew's isolated mansion to spend the weekend. On arrival, they discover that Andrew's sister, Miranda (Brittany Allen), and her artist boyfriend, Gerald (SLIFF alum Alex Beh of last year’s “Warren”), are also there. Miranda and Gerald quickly upset everyone with their antics, causing Andrew (Christian Alexander) and Elizabeth to retire for the night. Talking Lucian into a marathon session of alcohol-fueled poker, Gerald eventually loses all of his possessions -- including Miranda. Outraged, Miranda throws him out of the house. After conversing late into the night, the remaining pair ends up falling asleep in the same bed, and when Lucian awakens the next day, he discovers that everyone else has departed, leaving him alone in the house with Miranda. As a mutual attraction between the two grows, so does their unease over Gerald’s lurking presence. Open doors, furtive footsteps, and altered paintings indicate that he remains in the house: Gerald, it appears, is now playing a new -- and distinctly unsettling -- game.

U.S., 2014, 87 min.

Directed by

Francisco Orvañanos

Film Category

American Indie Spotlight



With director Orvañanos.