Four Way Stop


Friday, Nov. 13 at 9:35pm
Sunday, Nov. 15 at 1:00pm
Tivoli Theatre
Webster U./Moore

In this St. Louis-shot drama, Allen (Paul Craig), a 17-year-old inner-city African American, is desperately trying to improve his life but lacks essential support from family: His absent father (Jaan Marion) is a needy drug addict, and his seriously ill mother (Marty K. Casey) provides only relentless criticism. Although offered illegal work by childhood friend Tay (Jason J. Little), Allen resists the lure of the street and instead seeks legitimate employment. But in his hunt for a better job, Allen ends up jeopardizing his current fast-food position by chronically arriving late or simply failing to show. Legitimately angry at the racism he confronts and the limited options he’s given, Allen all too often engages in self-sabotage, thwarting his attempts to do the right thing.

U.S., 2015, 85 min.

Directed by

Efi da Silva

Film Category

American Indie Spotlight New Filmmakers Forum Race in America: The Black Experience Show-Me Cinema Women in Film Spotlight



With director da Silva and cast and crew members.

Sponsored by

Alex Townsend Memorial Foundation in honor of Alex Townsend