Help Us Find Sunil Tripathi


Saturday, Nov. 7 at 4:45pm
Plaza Frontenac Cinema

A family's search for their missing son and the hunt for suspects in a terror attack tragically converge in “Help Us Find Sunil Tripathi,” a film about truth and community in the age of social media. While in the throes of depression, Brown University student Sunil Tripathi walked out of his Providence apartment and disappeared into the cold Rhode Island night. In a desperate search to find him, his family launched a social-media movement that reached across the country and brought together a community dedicated to finding him. But in the days following the Boston Marathon bombings, Sunil’s image online is mistakenly connected to the blurry photo of bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, and the family's month-long investigation into Sunil's disappearance exploded into a virtual confrontation with e-vigilantes, citizen journalists, and traditional media eager to feed their insatiable hunger for breaking news. As the Toronto Globe & Mail observes: “The film demonstrates the mob mentality and reflexive racism of people on social media.”

U.S., 2015, 75 min.

Directed by

Neal Broffman

Film Category

Leon & Mary Strauss Documentary Spotlight

With director Broffman.

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Gateway Media Literacy Project and Nancy & Richard Chapman

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