It Had to Be You


Friday, Nov. 13 at 7:00pm
Tivoli Theatre

Sonia (Cristin Mioloti, a Tony nominee for “Once”) is a neurotic jingle writer who's always dreamed of a big and exciting life. Surprised by a sudden proposal -- and a subsequent ultimatum -- from her easygoing boyfriend (Dan Soder), Sonia has to decide whether she'll join the ranks of her married friends or pursue her unrealized romantic dreams. Intent on becoming the kind of woman she’s always idealized in film and literature, Sonia decides she simply isn’t ready to get engaged yet. Encouraged by her friends, she instead goes on a solo trip to Rome, determined to shed her inhibitions. When fantasy yields to harsh reality, however, Sonia begins to reconsider the charms of the seemingly humdrum life and man she abandoned. A whimsical romantic comedy with a soupçon of raunch, “It Had to Be You” smartly explores the choices facing women today, satirizing the cultural expectations of gender and romance.

U.S., 2015, 85 min.

Directed by

Sasha Gordon

Film Category

American Indie Spotlight New Filmmakers Forum Women in Film Spotlight


Comedy Love Story

With director Gordon.

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Alex Townsend Memorial Foundation in honor of Alex Townsend