Three Windows and a Hanging

Tri Dritare dhe nje Varje


Friday, Nov. 6 at 12:00pm
Saturday, Nov. 7 at 9:15pm
Plaza Frontenac Cinema
Plaza Frontenac Cinema

“Three Windows and a Hanging” is set in a traditional village in Kosovo in 2000, a year after the war’s end, as residents begin the process of rebuilding their lives. During an interview with an international journalist, schoolteacher Lushe is compelled by her conscience to confess that she and three other women from the town were raped by Serbian forces. When the news is published, the male villagers stigmatize Lushe and her little boy, pressuring her to leave the village and to tell them whether their own wives were among those raped. After the return of her husband, Ilir, from his time as a prisoner-of-war, the men try to convince him to divorce Lushe. The emotionally confused Ilir wavers initially, but at a village wedding, he defiantly takes Lushe’s side, telling the men that, far from blaming the women, they should apologize to their wives for not recognizing them as victims. “Three Windows and Hanging” takes a critical view of a nation that survived a war and won independence but still struggles with human equality. Using the Balkan village as a microcosm of patriarchy, the film offers a pointed critique of gender inequality, but it also recognizes that the male community feels forced by the local culture to behave in a manner that works against their own emotional interest. Variety observes: “Kosovo’s choice of foreign-language Oscar entry signals a coming to terms with something previously considered too shameful to discuss.”

Kosovo, 2014, 94 min., Albanian

Directed by

Isa Qosja

Film Category

Eastern European Focus Interfaith Competition International Spotlight Women in Film Spotlight



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