The 86


Saturday, Nov. 5 at 4:30pm
Tivoli Theatre

Inspired by true events, "The 86" highlights the activities of a band of 86 Venezuelan street thugs who were an intimidating presence in Caracas during the 1980s. One of the drawbacks to leading a neighborhood gang is the level of infamy and attention that accompany an outsized reputation. That is especially true of El Chino, whose violent crew dominates the Cotiza neighborhood of Caracas. Not only does everyone on his turf know El Chino — including his girlfriend’s cousin, who is a top lieutenant in a rival gang — they usually know exactly where to find him. Further complicating El Chino’s life — which may be growing increasingly short — the new ultra-tough police death squad is showing acute interest in his whereabouts. “The 86” co-stars former St. Louisan Carlos Antonio Leon, who also serves as co-executive producer.

97 min.

Directed by

Javier Mujica

Film Category

International Spotlight Show-Me Cinema Spanish-Language Focus


Historical Drama
With co-star and co-producer Carlos Antonio Leon and producer Thomas Piedra.

Sponsored by

Carlos Antonio Leon & Robert McNutt