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Friday, Nov. 4 at 2:45pm
Sunday, Nov. 6 at 8:45pm

In “Apprentice,” which debuted at Cannes, Aiman is a 28-year-old Malay correctional officer who has recently transferred to the territory's top prison. He lives with his older sister in a modest housing estate. At his new workplace, Aiman takes an interest in a 65-year-old sergeant, Rahim, who is the long-serving chief executioner of the prison. Rahim also takes notice of the principled and diligent officer and asks Aiman to become his apprentice. Aiman’s sister, however, strenuously objects to his new position for highly personal reasons. Can Aiman overcome his conscience and a haunted past to take over as the next chief executioner? The Hollywood Reporter writes: “One of 'Apprentice’s' strongest selling points is how, in a very compact yet pleasingly dense way, it takes viewers into both the world of the executioners and the executed criminals’ family members who remain behind, two often almost ignored categories in films touching on capital punishment.”