Il Viaggio


Monday, Nov. 7 at 4:45pm
Wednesday, Nov. 9 at 2:15pm
Plaza Frontenac Cinema
Plaza Frontenac Cinema

Agronomist Ivo, frustrated by the lack of opportunity in his Italian home of Bari, accepts a job offer in Banat, a fertile region of Romania. Clara, who renovates boats in the Bari harbor, is at the end of a long and difficult relationship, and when she meets Ivo at the apartment he’s leaving and she’s renting, they instinctively connect. The night they spend together before his departure sparks a romance, and after Clara is fired from her job, she impulsively follows Ivo to Romania. As their love blooms in a disorienting foreign land, they grapple with an uncertain future: Is this exile their only way to happiness? The Hollywood Reporter praises “Banat” as “a slow-burning, delicate vehicle in which angst and alienation are dressed up in a very warm and evocative hue — with the visual poetry punctuated by nods about the harsh economic realities at the fringes of Europe today.”

86 min.
Italian, Romanian & English

Directed by

Adriano Valerio

Film Category

Eastern European Focus International Spotlight J. Kim & Sharon Tucci Italian Focus


Drama Love Story