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Beijing, New York


Friday, Nov. 4 at 6:30pm
Saturday, Nov. 5 at 6:00pm

“Beijing, New York” is the stunningly beautiful directorial debut of renowned Chinese cinematographer Rain Li, who has shot films for Gus Van Sant (“Paranoid Park”), Scott McGehee and David Siegel (“Uncertainty”), and Stanley Kwan (“Showtime”). Named one of the “10 Best Cinematographers of the Year” by Variety in 2007, Li frequently collaborates with acclaimed DP Christopher Doyle (“In the Mood for Love,” “Hero”), who works with her again on “Beijing, New York.” A touching love story that bridges time, distance, and culture, “Beijing, New York” intertwines the lives of two Chinese childhood friends and an American artist. With the economic power shift between China and America serving as background, the film focuses on a complex love triangle that features jazz singer Jasmine (Taiwanese supermodel and actress Lin Chiling) at its apex. Attracted to both Chinese CEO Lenny (Liu Ye) and American photographer Joe (Richard de Klerk), Jasmine is pulled between her old life in China and her new one in the U.S.

108 min.

Directed by

Rain Li


China U.K. U.S.

Film Category

Asian Focus Chinese Spotlight International Spotlight Women in Film Spotlight


Music Photography


With director Li, producers Gerry de Klerk and Irene Nelson, and actor Richard de Klerk.

Sponsored by

Ward & Carol Klein and St. Louis Chinese American News