Tuesday, Nov. 8 at 5:00pm
Sunday, Nov. 13 at 1:30pm

Naama (Sivan Noam Shimon), a high-school student living outside of Tel Aviv, has a difficult family life. Her overbearing father has a hair-trigger temper and rails incessantly about the Palestinians, and her mother obsesses about older sister Liora, a soldier who’s mysteriously gone missing. Liora’s disappearance, in fact, clearly weighs on the entire family. Naama’s life takes a more positive turn when she meets Hershko, a new girl at school who has everything Naama doesn’t: a slick haircut of undeniable hipness, an attitude of unerring coolness. Most of all, she fears nothing and no one. Naama quickly falls madly in love with Hershko, but as their relationship deepens, the long-simmering tension in her family finally boils over. The heartfelt “Blush” is both a wonderful love letter to an ephemeral stage of life and a revealing snapshot of a family struggling to stay together in a rapidly changing world. Dubbing the film a “fresh, frank look at coming out and coming of age in contemporary Israel,” Variety singles out Shimon for a performance of “verve and vulnerability.”

81 min.
Hebrew & Arabic

Directed by

Michal Vinik

Film Category

International Spotlight Middle Eastern Focus QFest LGBTQ Spotlight Women in Film Spotlight


Dramedy Love Story