Thursday, Nov. 10 at 12:10pm
Saturday, Nov. 12 at 2:30pm
Plaza Frontenac Cinema
Plaza Frontenac Cinema

A dark and gruesomely funny cocktail, “Body” mixes unsettling observation, surreal imagery, and grim humor to create a potent concoction that will leave audiences shaken and stirred. When a suicide victim he finds hanging in the park gets up and walks away, prosecutor Janusz is strangely unsurprised. A widower whose daughter, Olga, has became anorexic after her mother's death, Janusz has seen most everything that life and death can do to the body. Olga's therapist, Anna, also has experience with the dead: She composes letters for them, channeling their messages through spirit writing. As Olga's illness worsens, Janusz begins noticing signs of a disquieting presence in his home, which Anna identifies as his late wife reaching out from the grave. With quietly disturbing skill, “Body” tells a moving story of healing and loss, even as it erases the line between life and death and chips away at the walls we build to keep our minds and bodies safe.

90 min.
Polish & Spanish

Directed by

Malgorzata Szumowska

Film Category

Eastern European Focus International Spotlight Women in Film Spotlight