The 2018 festival will take place Nov. 1-11, 2018. Below is information regarding the 2017 festival.

Celestial Camel

Nebesnyy verblyud


Saturday, Nov. 5 at 2:15pm
Sunday, Nov. 6 at 12:15pm

An amusing story lovingly told, “Celestial Camel” takes audiences on a magical journey with 12-year-old herder Bayir into an utterly unique and alien world. When a mother camel runs away to find her colt — his father has sold the animal to some filmmakers — Bayir is duty-bound to bring back the wayward mama. Because his poor family’s survival depends on the camel’s safe return, the responsibility that Bayir shoulders is vast. With his parents away and his young siblings unable to help, Bayir sets out on his own, awkwardly straddling an old motorbike far too big for a boy of his size. The trek takes him across the vast, dry Kalmykian steppe, with sandstorms and perilous terrain slowing his travels. Along the way, Bayir encounters endless difficulties and odd sights: an unjust arrest by the police, an illegal petrol depot bursting into flames, a group of shamans invoking rain, a young dancing girl. Undaunted, Bayer continues his dogged pursuit of the mother camel and has the good fortune to meet a new friend with a bevy of useful skills.

90 min.
Russian & Mongolian

Directed by

Yuriy Feting


Russian Federation

Film Category

Asian Focus International Spotlight SLIFF/Kids Family Films


Animals Nature Youth


Dramedy Family Film

Sponsored by

Barb Abrams