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Wednesday, Nov. 9 at 6:30pm
Friday, Nov. 11 at 2:25pm

In “Chemo” — whose story is inspired by the real-life experiences of first-time writer-director Bartosz Prokopowicz — 30-year-old Benek finds himself in the midst of a crisis: He’s plagued by compulsive suicidal thoughts and dreams about death. But when he meets the beautiful, magnetic, and mouthy Lena, Bartosz is immediately dazzled. His admiration grows ever further after discovering that Lena not only understands but also shares his preoccupation with suicide. Embarking on a crazy journey together, Benek soon comes to realize that he is not the only man in Lena's life. But even more disturbing is the revelation that Lena has breast cancer and has no plans to pursue treatment with chemotherapy. To Lena’s thinking, "suffering requires more courage than dying." Despite his mixture of admiration and trepidation, Benek promises to accompany Lena to the end. The Hollywood Reporter writes: “Taking a light-hearted approach to dark subject matter, ‘Chemo’ is a high-energy love story about lust for life in the shadow of death.”

95 min.

Directed by

Bartosz Prokopowicz



Film Category

Eastern European Focus International Spotlight


Death and Dying Health Mental Health Science and Medicine Women's Issues


Drama Love Story