The Confessions

Le confessioni


Saturday, Nov. 12 at 12:15pm
Sunday, Nov. 13 at 4:45pm

At a G8 meeting held at a luxury hotel on the German coast, the world's most powerful economists gather to enact important decisions that will deeply influence the world economy. Among the guests is a mysterious Italian monk (Toni Servillo), who has been invited by Daniel Rochè (Daniel Auteuil), the director of the International Monetary Fund, to hear his confession. The next morning, however, Rochè is found dead — suffocated by a plastic bag belonging to the monk. Beyond answering the question of how the IMF chief died — and whether the monk is responsible — the gathered ministers grapple with more global concerns: Exactly what potentially damaging secret did Rochè confess? And what explanation of the death — murder or suicide — will prove more calming to the always-jittery markets? Noting that “The Confessions” remains enjoyably accessible as a whodunit, Variety also praises the film as “a philosophical thriller in which characters contemplate the meaning of time or the concept of creative destruction in international relations.” The impressive international cast of “The Confessions” also includes Connie Nielsen and Moritz Bleibtreu.

103 min.
Italian, French & English

Directed by

Roberto Andò



Film Category

International Spotlight J. Kim & Sharon Tucci Italian Focus