The 2018 festival will take place Nov. 1-11, 2018. Below is information regarding the 2017 festival.



Saturday, Nov. 12 at 7:00pm

Loosely based on filmmaker Alicia Slimmer’s life growing up in 1980s Queens, “Creedmoria” chronicles the attempts of 17-year-old Candy (Stef Dawson) to inject some “fun” into her dysfunctional life. Given her crazy-making troubles, the proximity of Candy’s home to the Creedmoor psychiatric center seems ironically appropriate. Among the teen’s tribulations: Her troubled brother is found naked and drunk by a neighbor, and she’s stuck with both a caveman of a boyfriend and a jerk of a boss. With the madness of everyday life providing an all too vivid contrast to her mother’s desperate need to appear “normal,” Candy comes to a realization: Maybe normalcy is just a construct for other people. Perhaps breaking out is more important than fitting in. After years of trying to rescue those she loves, Candy decides it’s time to save herself. “Creedmoria” is a multiple honoree on the fest circuit, capturing the Brooklyn Film Festival's Audience Award, Cinequest's Best Comedy Feature Award, and Dances With Films’ Industry Choice Award.

90 min.

Directed by

Alicia Slimmer



Film Category

American Indie Spotlight New Filmmakers Forum Women in Film Spotlight


Family Issues LGBTQ Youth


With director Slimmer.

Sponsored by

Joni Tackette Casting and John & Diane Kalishman