Doc Shorts: An Artist's Eye

100 min.


Friday, Nov. 11 at 5:00pm
Tivoli Theatre

The Art House

Laura P. Valtorta

A retired schoolteacher uses her entire house as a canvas for her painting and sculpture.

With director Valtorta.
9 min.


Maisie Jacobson

An 85-year-old outsider artist has his very first exhibit in New York City.

19 min.

Ela's Worlds

Vera Neverkevich

A biochemist/photographer creates ethereal images of life forms using her innovative interpretation of science, polarized light, and organic gels.

14 min.

Frans Lanting: The Evolution of Life

Steven Kochones

A dazzling journey through time via the remarkable images of National Geographic photographer Frans Lanting and his epic LIFE project.

23 min.

The Invisible World

Jen Fineran

An artist who creates otherworldly and mystical paintings discusses his journey and process.

14 min.

Nocturnes: The Paintings of Eric Merrell

Alec Ernest

A painter takes on the surreal and mysterious beauty of the moonlit desert.

5 min.

Washed Away

Dana Nachman

A man creates gorgeous but temporary sand art for meditative art therapy.

16 min.