Doc Shorts: Black Lives Matter

110 min.


Saturday, Nov. 12 at 7:00pm
Missouri History Museum

Film Category

Leon & Mary Strauss Documentary Spotlight Mean Streets: Viewing the Divided City Through the Lens of Film and Television Race in America: The Black Experience Shorts Competition Show-Me Cinema

Sponsored by

Center for the Humanities at Washington University and Washington University Libraries

Presented in partnership with Missouri History Museum and The Common Reader

Mean Streets is a program of The Divided City: An Urban Humanities Initiative. With the support of the Mellon Foundation, Washington U.’s Center for the Humanities, in partnership with the College of Architecture and Graduate School of Architecture and Urban Design, is engaged in a four-year initiative called The Divided City, which addresses one of the most persistent and vexing issues in urban studies: segregation.

Black Brunch

Dennis Desai

Millennium Activists United stages a surprise Black Lives Matter protest at a South County brunch spot.

With director Desai and producer Dan Parris.
9 min.

Concerned Student 1950

Adam Dietrich, Varun Bajaj & Kellan Marvin

A series of racist acts prompts three University of Missouri students to pick up cameras and document Concerned Student 1950, the student movement whose peaceful protest brought down the college president.

With directors Bajaj, Dietrich, and Marvin.
32 min.

A Ferguson Story

Lonnie Edwards

An avant-garde retrospective about police aggression and how the events that unfolded in Ferguson brought together a nation of people seeking answers.

34 min.

Profiling Race: Mike Higgins

Matthew Seilback & John Pa

An exploration of Mike Higgins’ childhood in St. Louis, service in the Army, mission as a pastor, and work in the Black Lives Matter movement.

With co-director Pa.
35 min.