Tuesday, Nov. 8 at 8:35pm
Wednesday, Nov. 9 at 4:15pm
Plaza Frontenac Cinema
Plaza Frontenac Cinema

In Kosovo 2004, five years after the war, 12-year-old Nenad rides to school in an armored tank, traveling from his Serbian enclave into hostile Albanian territory. Instead of friends his own age, his dying grandfather and an elderly priest serve as the boy’s only companions. But even in war-torn Kosovo, not all of the innocence and magic of childhood can be destroyed. Two Albanian boys hesitantly befriend Nenad, and when he arranges for them to ride in his tank, barriers begin to break down. Suddenly, life becomes an adventure of discovery and questioning, and new possibilities emerge, even as old hatreds hold fast. With the celebration of a grand wedding and the arrival of a long-awaited church bell, hope glimmers — perhaps the divergent nationalist communities will finally come together. But then a new outburst of ethnic violence erupts, and the bell becomes a symbol to be destroyed. As the conflict unfolds, the youngsters’ new friendship receives a stern test. With visual poetry and relentless power, “Enclave” pulls the viewer toward a stunning conclusion.

92 min.
Serbian, German, Albanian & Italian

Directed by

Goran Radovanovic

Film Category

Eastern European Focus International Spotlight Oscar® Submissions