The Half


Friday, Nov. 11 at 5:00pm
Saturday, Nov. 12 at 9:30pm

After her father’s death, young Azar moves out on her own after her mother remarries. Her stepfather, a drug addict, shows clear abusive tendencies, and Azar realizes she’ll be under threat as long as she remains in the house. But when her new accommodations are fumigated, Azar is forced to reluctantly return to her former home for a few days. Unfortunately, Azar’s fears are soon realized, and her stepfather attempts to sexually assault her in the night. Her mother rescues Azar, but she’s killed by her husband in the struggle. Although alone and burdened by guilt, Azar is determined to seek justice and asks the judge for capital punishment. But before the stepfather can be sentenced to death, the law requires Azar to pay his family blood money. Azar is herself owed blood-money compensation for her mother’s death, but it’s only half of what she must provide her stepfather’s family: The worth of man’s life, according to the law, is deemed twice that of a woman’s. Raising the extra money — the half — will place a heavy financial burden on Azar, but she insists on ensuring that her mother’s murderer is properly punished.

70 min.

Directed by

Bahman Kamyar

Film Category

International Spotlight Middle Eastern Focus