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Fuchi ni tatsu


Friday, Nov. 4 at 12:15pm
Monday, Nov. 7 at 12:15pm

With his characteristically careful attention to character, director Koji Fukada creates an explosive family drama in “Harmonium.” Intended as a companion piece to the black comedy “Hospitalite,” “Harmonium” returns to the domestic sphere, capturing the collapse of a seemingly ordinary Japanese family. Toshio, his wife, and their preteen daughter lead a largely uneventful life together until the entry of the mysterious, white-garbed Mr. Yasaka. An old acquaintance who has just been released from prison, Yasaka appears on the family doorstep asking for a favor, and Toshio hires him in his workshop — a decision that eventually unravels the family’s ties. “Harmonium” captivated both critics and audiences at this year’s Cannes Film Festival, where it won the Un Certain Regard Jury Prize. Screen calls “Harmonium” a “slow-burning, quietly told thriller (that) commands attention from start to finish…. The film’s insights into the isolation evident in the relationships most take for granted — marriages, parent-child connections and long-term friendships — don’t merely hit their targets; they smash them with a sledgehammer.”

118 min.

Directed by

Koji Fukada



Film Category

Asian Focus International Spotlight


Family Issues



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East Asian Languages and Cultures at Washington University