Friday, Nov. 4 at 12:00pm
Saturday, Nov. 5 at 9:00pm
Plaza Frontenac Cinema
Plaza Frontenac Cinema

Guatemala’s submission to last year’s Academy Awards, “Ixcanul” is a mesmerizing fusion of fact and fable, a dreamlike depiction of the daily lives of Kaqchikel-speaking Mayans on a coffee plantation at the base of an active volcano. Immersing us in its characters' customs and beliefs, “Ixcanul” chronicles, with unblinking realism, a disappearing tradition and a disappearing people. The New York Times writes: “Made with actual Maya farmers in the Guatemalan highlands, this luminous first feature from Jayro Bustamante has scenes of such tactile intimacy that the trust between the director and his mostly nonprofessional cast is unmistakable. Colors are rich and deep (the gorgeous wide-screen cinematography is by Luis Armando Arteaga), and the atmosphere is so tranquil that the whoosh of action in the final third is powerfully disorienting.”

93 min.
Kaqchikel & Spanish

Directed by

Jayro Bustamante

Film Category

International Spotlight Oscar® Submissions Spanish-Language Focus