Kate Plays Christine


Sunday, Nov. 6 at 1:00pm

A gripping, nonfiction psychological thriller, Robert Greene’s “Kate Plays Christine” follows actress Kate Lyn Sheil (“House of Cards,” “The Girlfriend Experience,” “Listen Up Philip”) as she prepares for her next role: playing Christine Chubbuck, a Florida newscaster who committed suicide live on-air in 1974. As Kate investigates Chubbuck’s story (long rumored to be the inspiration for the classic Hollywood film “Network”), uncovering new clues and information, she becomes increasingly obsessed with her subject. Winner of a Special Jury Prize at the Sundance Film Festival, “Kate Plays Christine” is a cinematic mystery that forces us to question everything we see and everything we’re led to believe. Greene — filmmaker-in-chief at the Murray Center for Documentary Journalism at the Missouri School of Journalism — also offers a free master class in editing on Nov. 5.

112 min.

Directed by

Robert Greene

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Leon & Mary Strauss Documentary Spotlight Show-Me Cinema


With director Greene.

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