The Man Who Saw Too Much


Saturday, Nov. 12 at 3:30pm

“The Man Who Saw Too Much” provides a compelling portrait of Mexican photographer Enrique Metinides, who’s increasingly recognized as the contemporary equivalent of Weegee. For most of his career, Metinides worked for downscale, sensationalist newspapers, shooting the aftermaths of crimes, accidents, and disasters, but his uncanny compositional eye elevated the prurient subject matter to the status of art. In more recent days, after the eerie beauty of his images was belatedly celebrated, Metinides' photos moved from the pages of Mexican tabloids to the walls of prestigious galleries and museums. Although the documentary includes some undeniably startling and disturbing images, director Trisha Ziff’s approach is anything but exploitative, and Metinides — who offers recollections and observations throughout — proves a thoughtful, surprisingly gentle-spirited man despite his fascination with grim subject matter.

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Love Bite: Laurie Lipton And Her Disturbing Black & White Drawings

Love Bite: Laurie Lipton and Her Disturbing Black & White Drawings

James Scott

With millions of tiny strokes of her humble pencil, Laurie’s haunted images seek answers to some of the most uncomfortable themes in our culture — fear, politics, sexuality, murder, mayhem, greed, and indifference. But what compels her to live a life of isolation drawing is neither black nor white.

34 min.