Master Class/Documentary: Fair Use & Copyright

120 min.


Saturday, Nov. 5 at 10:00am

The centerpiece of this master class on fair use and copyright is a screening of “Other People’s Footage,” which explores the three questions crucial to determining fair-use exemptions. The film presents helpful illustrative examples from nonfiction, fiction, and experimental films that use pre-existing footage, music, and sound from other individuals' creations without permission or paying fees. Through on-camera interviews with noted documentarians and film and legal experts, the documentary also reviews relevant court cases and clarifies legal issues regarding trademark, parody, and shooting on location or in a controlled setting. Among the experts interviewed is Michael Donaldson, the industry’s go-to attorney for clearance and rights issues. Following the film, co-directors Diane Carson (professor emerita at St. Louis Community College at Meramec and longtime St. Louis film critic) and Robert Johnson Jr. (professor of Communication Arts at Framingham State University) answer questions and amplify on the issues that the film explores.


With Guests

With Diane Carson and Robert Johnson Jr.

Sponsored by Center for the Humanities at Washington University and Washington University Libraries

American Culture Studies (AMCS) Program at Washington University

Presented in partnership with Missouri History Museum and The Common Reader

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