Below is information regarding the 2016 St. Louis International Film Festival. The 2017 festival will take place Nov. 2-12, 2017.

Narrative Shorts: HerStory

129 min.


Wednesday, Nov. 9 at 9:20pm

A program dedicated to women in funny, challenging, and introspective situations.

And Then, Violence

A secular Jewish law student in Paris has her daily life constantly interrupted by the anti-Semitism that has infiltrated French society over the past few years.

15 min.

Be Good for Rachel

Ed Roe

Rachel is double-booked for a babysitting job and a nervous breakdown.

16 min.

Black Movie Night

Sterling Milan

When is the last time you had a black movie night?

11 min.

Caitlin Among the Beasts

Adam Bertocci

Irresponsible millennial Caitlin has an easy gig hamster-sitting at her sister's cushy pad — until the hamster is misplaced.

11 min.


Jade Justad

Kayla is strongly considering getting plastic surgery to create a larger and possibly more “Western” eye shape.

17 min.

Diane from the Moon

Marco La Via & Hanna Ladoul

After a hurtful breakup, a transgender pagan priestess finds refuge in Palm Springs, but an enigmatic sociopath starts to stalk her.

12 min.

Hold Your Breath

Jordan Dodson

A woman attempts to make the most of her last two days of freedom.

16 min.


Mo Liang

A 14-year-old girl goes to work in a nightclub in Shanghai.

13 min.

Mrs. Nebile's Wormhole

Pinar Yorgancioglu

Bored with her domestic routine, a middle-aged housewife digs a secret tunnel into the house next door.

15 min.

Panic Attack!

Eileen O'Meara

This hand-drawn animation explores anxiety, obsession, and one woman’s slippery hold on reality.

3 min.