The Nutty Professor


Saturday, Nov. 12 at 2:15pm
Webster U./Moore

SLIFF celebrates the comic genius of Jerry Lewis with a Lifetime Achievement Award. The Family Arena in St. Charles hosts the major event, “An Evening with Jerry Lewis”, which features the comedian discussing his long, eventful career in entertainment. As a helpful supplement to that personal appearance, the fest offers a double bill that provides further insight into Lewis’ artistic evolution. First, Gregory Monro’s documentary “Jerry Lewis: The Man Behind the Clown” provides a brisk, informative overview of his life and work. And then “The Nutty Professor” allows viewers to sample one of Lewis’ finest and funniest films as writer, director, and star. A delightful riff on “Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde,” “The Nutty Professor” provides the actor with two wildly different roles: the nerdish Professor Julius Kelp, who drinks a potion designed to improve his hapless social life, and the post-transformation lady killer Buddy Love, who’s suave and obnoxious in equal measure.

107 min.

Directed by

Jerry Lewis

Film Category

Archival Presentations


With a video introduction by Jerry Lewis.

Plays on a double bill with Jerry Lewis: The Man Behind the Clown.