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Sunday, Nov. 13 at 3:00pm

In the heartwarming "Oddball," eccentric chicken farmer Allan “Swampy” Marsh (Shane Jacobson), with the help of granddaughter Olivia (Coco Jack Gillies), trains his mischievous dog, Oddball, to protect a penguin sanctuary from fox attacks. In the process, Swampy attempts both to reunite his family — daughter Emily (Sarah Snook), who’s the local wildlife ranger, loves her father but finds his daft behavior exasperating — and to save their seaside town. “Oddball” is based on an amazing true story. Middle Island — off the coast of Warrnambool, Victoria — is home to a colony of penguins, but their existence was threatened when predatory red foxes found their way to the island by walking through the water at low tide. The real-life Swampy had the crazy idea that he could use his Maremma dog to protect the penguins — a notion that proved not so lunatic after all. The Guardian writes of this delightful family film: “‘Oddball’ is fun and thoughtfully minded, with a sweet charm that endears from the get-go. Themes around the importance of environmental preservation arise as a natural part of the story.”

95 min.

Directed by

Stuart McDonald



Film Category

International Spotlight SLIFF/Kids Family Films


Animals Environment Nature Youth


Dramedy Family Film